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Rituel Ft. Carlton – Dreams Official Video


From Rituel Ft. Carlton “Dreams” (Micronautics)

Starring Esther Gaumont
Directed by Thomas Regnault

Written by Geoffroy Monde & Thomas Regnault
VFX & Color-grading by Geoffrey Kenner

Many thanks to Maxence and Brigitte Sarazin, Ynception, Kolia, Alexandra, Henri, Olivier, Helena, Alice, Sapin, Barnie, Vincent, Rox, Gigi, Gilles, Alex, Kali

© 2017 Micronautics


TroisCouleurs : Gregg Araki


TroisCouleurs, le magazine culturel gratuit édité par Mk2, a déniché le pilote de la série « This Is How the World Ends » et le clip de The Micronauts « The Jag », réalisés tous deux par Gregg Araki au tournant du millénaire.
News par Quentin Grosset pour TroisCouleurs :

En 2000, Gregg Araki réalise un pilote pour une série produite par MTV : This Is How the World Ends. Mais à la dernière minute, la chaîne coupe le budget. L’épisode ne sera jamais diffusé et n’aura jamais de suite. Au vu du résultat qu’on a retrouvé pour vous, on pleure un peu en pensant à la série parfaite que ça aurait pu devenir. On y retrouve le regard sexy, trash et stylisé d’Araki sur l’angoisse teen, et son acteur fétiche James Duval (Totally Fucked Up, The Doom Generation…) fait une apparition. Certaines scènes évoquent son film de 1997, Nowhere – la scène d’ouverture de masturbation dans la douche – d’autres Kaboom, sorti en 2010 – il est question d’apocalypse.

En bonus, on vous met aussi ce clip réalisé par Araki en 1999 pour le groupe français The Micronauts. Intitulé The Jag, il montre Nathan Bexton (Nowhere) qui rentre tout défoncé dans un supermarché. Du coup, tout le monde se désape, pour notre plus grand bonheur.

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Gaia And The Sweater


Barcelona-based fashion magazine Metal, published twice a year in Spanish and English, has posted on its site a new film by French photographer Coco Neuville, with styling by Edem Dossou, starring Gaia Orgeas. The music is an excerpt of one of my new songs as The Micronauts, “Polymorphous Pervert”, to be released later this year. “Gaia And The Sweater”, Tuesday 17 January 2017:

Photographer: Coco Neuville
Stylist: Edem Dossou

Starring Gaia Orgeas (Girl Mgmt)

Assistant stylist: Kenny Germé
Make up artist: Daniela Eschbacher
Hair stylist: Laurent Mole
Digital image technician: Roderick Vasquez
1st assistant photographer: Laurent Gloor
2nd assistant photographer: Diane Brassecasee
Assistant hair stylist: Sergio Villafane

Editing: Coco Neuville
Color grading supervision: Elsy Forsbom (D-Touch Paris)

Music: The Micronauts “Polymorphous Pervert”
Produced by Christophe Monier
℗ Christophe Monier 2017

Shot at Magasins Généraux/BETC Pantin (special thanks to Sylvain Marchand & Marine Mercier), using Leica SL (special thanks to Edyta Pokrywka/LFI)

Clothes: jumpers Acne Studios, trousers Adidas, belt Zana Bayne

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Les Grands ducs : The Micronauts & Bosco – Hoochie Coochie


Le site Les Grands ducs consacré aux plaisirs de la vie (gastronomie, belles mécaniques…) vient de poster sur Facebook et dans sa section vidéos celle de The Micronauts & Bosco « Hoochie Coochie », réalisée par Sébastien Desmedt et Thomas Lemoine il y a quatre ans. Cette section mérite le détour puisqu’on y retrouve la vidéo-anime de Ken Ishii « Extra » réalisée par Kôji Morimoto (un des principaux animateurs de « Akira » et de « Kiki la petite sorcière »), ou encore des clips de Duke Dumont, Modeselektor, Trentemøller ou Jamie XX.

The Micronauts & Bosco – Hoochie Coochie” sélectionnée par Nathalie Gastone, 12 novembre 2016 :

Rituel – Nirvana Dance Video Directed By Bruno Fontana (Avant-première)


The video tells a love story inside the Indian community in Paris. After a poetic fight during which he receives support from Rama, the mythical king, Tashi manages to touch the heart of the beautiful Mia.

A few words from the director: “When I first listened to Nirvana Dance, I was immediately captivated by the Indian, spiritual atmosphere of the song. It felt obvious to relate a love story impregnated with Indian references. That’s why I imagined this modern romance, on a background of Hindu legends and passion for cricket.”

A few words from the band: “The vocals of the song are a verse in Sanskrit from the Bhagavad Gita (the central part of the epic Mahabharata, which was traditionally sung). It tells the triumph of spirituality over materialism, in a battle fought within each of us. Everyone is encouraged to follow his own heart, before any other considerations.”

Directed by Bruno Fontana
Produced by Ohlala Pictures

Jasmina Ana as Mia
Manick Jay as Tashi
Fabrice Danglades as Praneeth
Tristan Delus as Rama

Direction of photography: Martin Levent
Art direction: Aatish Basanta
Camera: Emmanuel Bernard
Steadicam: Max Allibert
Color grading and render: Jérémy Cingarlini
Costume: Anne Billette
Accessories: Isabelle Voisin
Make up: Marie Doiteau, Marie Gombeaud-Antoine, Ambreen Abdul
Casting: Aurore Broutin
Making of: Yannis Sainte-Rose, Sylvain Boyer

Arun, Dominique, Farheen, Faycal, Fréderic, Loïs, Lucky, Lydia, Mati, Noam, Punit

Thanks to:
Pankaj Arora (restaurant Aarchna)
Mr. Quillateau and Jacky Renault (stadium Jean Guimier)
Pierre-Jean Choquelle (corridor)

Rituel “Nirvana Dance (Radio Version)”
Produced and programmed by Rituel (Christophe Monier and Thomas Regnault). Composed by Christophe Monier (copyright control). From the EP “Deux”.

Press release

© 2014 Micronautics

Bande-annonce du Festival du Film d’Asie du Sud Transgressif – 2e édition


Comme l’année dernière, le Festival du Film d’Asie du Sud Transgressif (FFAST) a choisi un morceau de Rituel, mon projet deep house avec Thomas Regnault, comme musique de sa bande-annonce. Cette fois il s’agit de « Club Zanzibar (Instrumental) », extrait de notre 2e EP. La bande-annonce a été réalisée par Kaspar Vogler.

C’est la 2e édition du festival, qui se déroulera du 4 au 11 février 2014 aux cinémas L’Arlequin et Reflet Médicis à Paris.

Rituel – Club Zanzibar video directed by Terrible Twins


The video tells a universal story. Five mysterious characters head to a secret place in the wild, to carry out a ritual. The enigmatic world in which they evolve shows the ruins of an industrial civilization where nature reclaimed its rights. The ritual takes the form of various dances, all with the same goal: enjoy, reach a state of trance, forget your ego, unite, love.

Directed by Terrible Twins in collaboration with Gerda le Fou and Linas Justice
Art direction, production and editing by Terrible Twins
Camera by Linas Justice and Gerda le Fou
Costumes by Agne Biskyte and Terrible Twins

Music: “Club Zanzibar (Radio Version)”
Composed, produced and programmed by Rituel (Christophe Monier and Thomas Regnault)
Taken from the EP “Deux”
© 2013 Micronautics

Bande-annonce du Festival du Film d’Asie du Sud Transgressif


« Take It Easy », morceau extrait du 1er EP de Rituel, mon projet deep avec Thomas Regnault (aka Dew Town Mayor), est la musique de la bande-annonce du Festival du Film d’Asie du Sud Transgressif (FFAST).

Ce festival se déroulera du 16 au 20 janvier 2013 aux cinémas Gaumont Champs-Elysées à Paris.

Montage : Kaspar Vogler. Extraits de « Alms for a Blind Horse » de Gurvinder Singh (2011) et de « Udhao » de Amit Ashraf (2012).

1.4 : Beautiful Beats


Sébastien Desmedt, codirector for music videos The Micronauts & Bosco “Hoochie Coochie” and Paris “The Cross-Over”, interviewed for 1.4, Tuesday 15 May 2012:


We love these French guys; they experiment and reinvent completely new styles according to the beat. Take a look at the exquisite underwater filming of the video clip for Paris’ The Cross-Over […] and then catch the black and white Hoochie Coochie video {…]. It’s one to be watched full-screen, full-volume and preferably on a Saturday night. Here we catch up with Sebastien Desmedt:

— Although you both also work independently from each other, you have created some great work together. How did this collaboration come about?

We are both based in Paris, Thomas is a musician and also a photographer and I’m a director. Ages ago we began talking about working together but it wasn’t until 2010 that we had the opportunity to make Oh My Wee for Lira Gandj […]. Since then we’ve made eight video clips together.

— So you’re not signed to a production company?

No, we’re independent.

— How did the idea for Paris’ The Cross-Over come about? We see you have a demo on your showreel, was it an experiment that evolved into the music video?

For this project we changed our normal approach by shooting the visuals first then looking for suitable music. We heard The Cross-Over and we were both certain this was the ideal track. We approached Paris and the band immediately loved the idea.

— What were the main challenges of shooting underwater?

We were in a five meter deep tank. We installed a black background in the tank, and blocked out all daylight to get total darkness to work with our own lighting. This required a team of professionals specialising in underwater filming and the safety of electrical installation of lights around the pool. We alternated moving different colored lights along the water depending on what we were shooting (face close-up, figure floating etc.).
The hire of the pool was very expensive, so we had very limited time to shoot. Of course, the more we turned over the better the technical team and crew became but the swimmer was tired and stressed at the sight of the electrical installation at the edge of the water.

— Hoochie Coochie couldn’t be more different from The Cross-Over. Can you tell us about the challenges of this production please?

For this video, we worked with a small team of four.
There were three different shoots: one outdoor and two indoor. […]

— It must have driven you, the editor, nuts. Did it?

Yes, the music is very rhythmic. There were detailed plans used for each clip which were re-cut and distributed throughout the assembly. It was a very long procedure. I wanted to buy a new pair of eyes every day.

— Which piece of work are you really proud of?

Parrot is a project that I like a lot, from the sound which I created VJing and then I assembled it in 3D.

The Micronauts & Bosco, Hoochie Coochie, directed by Sebastien Desmedt & Thomas Lemoine

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Como Las Grecas : Rituel – Single Minds (Official Video) (2012)


Rituel – Single Minds (Official Video) (2012)” by German MT for Como Las Grecas, 4 May 2012:

Ya os habíamos comentado el nuevo proyecto de Christophe Monier (aka The Micronauts) junto a Thomas Regnault (aka Dew Town Mayor y la mitad Loony Wise Men) llamado Rituel y ese próximo EP llamado Un, compuesto de 2 muy potente y buenos temas, temas directos para bailar, y ahora el tema Single Minds ya tiene su vídeo, un party privada en una casa, unos amigos y bailando y pasándeselo bien a ritmo del temazo…

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