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En 1993, Têtu fait la part belle à la musique électronique…


En 1993, Têtu fait la part belle à la musique électronique…

Avant de devenir le magazine phare de la communauté gay, Têtu est un fanzine breton au format changeant créé par Loïc Prigent, futur journaliste-star de la mode, avec l’aide de Gildas Loaec, futur co-fondateur du label de musique et de mode Kitsuné.

« Loïc est fan d’eDEN et nous envoie son premier numéro, qu’on adore. Il écrira ensuite pour notre fanzine. De mon côté je lui écris quelques playlists et chroniques, publiées sous mon pseudo Widowsky. Loïc soutient aussi à fond mon 1er maxi en tant que Nature. »

[Team The Micronauts]


Dash Radio / Electro City: Treasure Fingers’ Psychic FM #026


Rituel “Give It Up (James DX Remix)” (from “Trois”, out 17 March on Sleazy Deep) is included in the mix show “Psychic FM” episode #026 by the Atlanta-based DJ Treasure Fingers (original air date: 6 March 2017 on Dash Radio / Electro City):

Past mondays #psychicFM featured a whole ton of fire.

Pete Graham & Bumpy Fool – He Said (Original Mix)
Franky Rizardo – Same Man
Skapes – Keep It Real (Original Mix)
Eats Everything & Lord Leopard – Song For (Original Mix)
Sofi Tukker – Drinkee (Yeux Noir Remix)
Shibumi – I Like That (Rob Made Remix)
Rituel – Give It Up (James DX Remix)
Don Rimini – Planet Earth
Low Steppa – The Art (Being A DJ) (Low’s Art College Flex)
Joyce Muniz – Deeper feat. Human Life (Bas Roos Remix)
Dead Funk Feat. Shane Fontane – Freak All Night (Stacy Kidd Remix)
Harry Judda featuring Charli Brix – Only You (Original Mix)
Son Of 8 – Good Times
Quinten 909 – Crush On U (Original Mix)

Big ups to all the producers completely slaying right now, really inspiring <3

Andrea Fiorino Mastermix #503


Rituel “I Want You Back” (from “Trois”, out 17 March on Sleazy Deep) is played by Czech house DJ Andrea Fiorino in his last Mastermix, #503 (week 10, 6 March 2017).
The show is broadcasted on more than 30 radio stations worldwide, including D3EP Radio Network, Clubland FM, WheresTheCulture, Housebeat Radio and Tongue & Groove Radio from UK, from Canada, Is Good For You and Radio Glamour from Italy, DHLC Radio from Austria, Metro FM 97.8 and Xanthi Dee Jay 90.6 from Greece, We House Radio, ClubRádio, Kiss Morava and Kiss Hády from Czech Republic.
It’s also available as a podcast on iTunes and Podomatic.

Soulfuledge – Batman Is Peter Parker (Soulfuledge)
Soul Divide – Catch The Light (ItaloBros Remix) (Amplified)
Keith Sibley – Stand By Me (Johan S Mix) (Plastik People)
Fatboy Slim – Where U Iz (12″ Mix) (Southern Fried)
Milk & Sugar – Higher & Higher (Milk & Sugar Remix) (Milk & Sugar)
Daniel Steinberg – Friends (Arms & Legs)
Jay-J & Sean Bass – Phone Number (Warehouse Mix) (Shifted Music)
Rituel – I Want You Back (Sleazy Deep)
Sebb Junior – Getcha Luv (Large)
Ian Carrera – What You Think (NU TRAXX)
Sandy Turnbull – From The Start (Galleria)
Sable Blanc – Finesse (Pole Position)

Killahbeez Mixtape Mondays: Electronic Exploration 459 Metrist


Metrist’s new mixtape for Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations podcast series uses Underworld “Bruce Lee (The Micronauts Remix)”. The mixtape is also featured by the American street culture blog Killahbeez in its Mixtape Mondays selection.
Mixtape Mondays: Electronic Exploration 459 Metrist” by Van for Killahbeez, Monday 27 February 2017:

For this week’s Mixtape Mondays selection, we paid a visit to Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations podcast series. Brighton based Metrist (or Metrist L. Sae or Joe Higgins to those that know him personally) takes over Episode 459 and presents us with 57 minutes of broken beat and techno. Recorded live at Patterns in Brighton, the mix has an intro that’ll remind you of a live show where you and your friends are grabbing a brew right when the main act starts, positioning yourself for optimal 4/4 enjoyment. Have a listen and or skip to the 4 minute mark if you wanna get to the meat and bones of this mix.

“This is pretty representative of what I play, minus the drone. I am getting a lot of fun out of the amalgamation of broken beat and 4 to the floor work as I have always drifted unknowingly between the two – this mix I guess is an audible representation of my unwillingness to focus on one or the other.”

“Thank you to Patterns, Brighton for letting me record this in the club, and thanks to the wandering bar staff walking through the room at various points.” – Metrist

01 Paul De Marinis – Lecon Par L’aiguile [Lovely Music LTD]
02 Mika Vainio – Weight [Blast First Petite]
03 Time Is Running Out – Salakapakka Sound System [Self-Released]
04 Szare – Crop Failure [Field Records]
05 R-Zone – Mynheer [R-Zone]
06 Unbroken Dub – Factory Presets Improvisation [Resonance Moscow]
07 Monolake – Invisible [Imbalance Computer Music]
08 Via Maris – Swarm [Livity Sound]
09 Sagat – Body [Vlek]
10 Pangaea – Won’t Hurt [Hessle Audio]
11 Metrist – ??????
12 Albert Van Abbe – Ostinati 09 [Deep Sound Channel]
13 Metrist – Do I Say Something (2014 Stair-Fall Mix) [Unreleased]
14 Moeller & Marcelus – The Fog [Singular Records]
15 Batu – Murmur [Timedance]
16 James Ruskin – Unknown Destination [Blueprint]
17 Herbert Eimert – Klangstudie [Sub Rosa]
18 R-Zone – Hired Guns [R-Zone]
19 Underworld – Bruce Lee (The Micronauts Remix) [Junior Boy’s Own]
20 Bell Riots – Tda Acido [Plius Plius Plius]
21 December – Greed Happiness [Jealous God]
22 Via Maris – Apt [Unreleased]
23 TML – NPC [Always Human Tapes]
24 Metrist – ??????
25 Paul De Marinis – Fonetica Francese [Lovely Music LTD]

Metrist AKA L. SAE AKA Joe Higgins is a Brighton based producer and sound designer. Recent releases include a mini LP on Black Opal (Opal Tapes’ Vinyl outlet) and before this Batu’s Timedance imprint as L.SAE. Curator of Brighton club night Zallogut of whom notable guests include Objekt, Helena Hauff and Pangaea.

Thump: Every Daft Punk Song, Ranked


Thump US staff published a chart with Daft Punk’s best dance songs ranked. There are 102 and The Micronauts “Get Funky Get Down (Daft Punk Remix)” is #59: “Every Daft Punk Song, Ranked—Yeah, All of Them” on Thump, 16 November 2016.

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Kong – Studio Brussel 2016 #10


Kong (Catclub resident DJ, 22tracks selector & Ensemble co-founder) played The Micronauts “Get Funky Get Down” on his show for Studio Brussel, Saturday 24 March 2016:

Larry Heard aka MR Fingers – Qwazars
Redchamp – Fried Chicking Skin
Mike Huckaby – Let The Dancer Do His Thing
Javontte – Chaka’s Revenge (N D A T L Muzik & Kai Alcé)
City People – It’s All In The Groove (Motor City Drum Ensemble Recordings)
The Micronauts – Get Funky Get Down
Irene Grant – Jolivette (upcoming Roze Balletten)
Recloose – Tecumseh
Bawrut – Cicuita
GlennUnderground Muzic – Conquistador
Dj Slymfas – Luv Music
Vicky D – This Beat Is Mine (Little Louie Vega Roots NYC mix)

Tsugi : Exclu – une très chill mixtape de Louise Roam


La nouvelle mixtape de Louise Roam se termine sur Underworld « Bruce Lee (The Micronauts Remix) ».
« Exclu : une très chill mixtape de Louise Roam » par Clémence Meunier pour Tsugi, mercredi 23 mars 2016 :

Alors que Louise Roam s’apprête à fouler la scène du Divan du Monde dans le cadre du festival Les Femmes S’en Mêlent (toute la programmation est à retrouver sous ce lien), la productrice nous offre une bien belle mixtape. Au programme : du calme, des cordes et des morceaux laissés tourner longtemps pour 49 minutes de poésie électronique toute en progression – quitte à nous emmener vers des sonorités bien plus sombres et hypnotiques au bout d’une grosse demi-heure.

Ce n’est pas la première fois que l’on vous parle de Louise Roam ici : accompagnant Saycet en live et de formation classique, elle a surtout sorti son second EP solo en novembre, l’auto-produit et composé en Grèce « Avaton ». Aurélie Mestres (son vrai nom) a également habillé notre Tsugi Radio et enchanté la scène des Rencontres Trans Musicales de Rennes en décembre… Et compte bien remettre ça aux Femmes S’en Mêlent ! Le rendez-vous est pris.

Tracklist :


Test Pressing : Mix / Joakim / Dancing Is A Visible Action Of Life – 1998


Joakim new mixtape starts with The Micronauts “The Jag”.
Mix / Joakim / Dancing Is A Visible Action Of Life – 1998” by Apiento on the balearic site Test Pressing, Tuesday 15 March 2016:

Joakim hits 1998 with a vengeance. For some reason I always think these records were much more recent but basically anything that starts with The Jag (a total lost classic) and goes from there is good for me. Enjoy.


Joakim posted this comment on his Facebook page, Wednesday 16 March 2016:

Boom! #1998. Funnily I didn’t have that much music to choose from for that year. But the tracks I selected are all big and unique classics, you can feel that 1998 was a turning point, a mutation year: the peak of filtered disco house and also the beginning of its decay; the start of the German takeover with their new breed of minimalism, the blend of house and techno sounds. This is almost already dance music postmodernism.

… And this comment on Instagram:

“Dancing Is A Visible Action Of Life” mix is up on and starts with this massive classic by the cult Micronauts. When this came out it was an instant sensation, people thought the new Daft Punk was here, well you should rather imagine a mix between Daft Punk and Green Velvet, all on Acid! […]

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Intruders TV : The Micronauts, Boss Axis, Mario Da Ragnio, Antony Dupont


The new Intruders TV’s releases playlist has an EPs selection with players and videos including the reissue of The Micronauts’ “Off The Beaten Track” on Micronautics.
The Micronauts, Boss Axis, Mario Da Ragnio, Antony Dupont” by Lanto on Intruders TV, Friday 24 October 2014:

3 EPs just released
on Play Label Records, Jett Records and Bass Pressure Records
+ 1 one re-issue on Micronautics

from sweet sunny house to magnetic innovative modern electro
via stimming tech house groove and energic uncrompromized techno
Boss Axis – ‘Continental‘
released the 12th of September on Play Label Records
sweet and floating sunny deep house

Exon Bacon,
label manager de Play Label Records
sur Intruders TV
Mario Da Ragnio – ‘First Flight EP’
Released the 16th of September on Jett Records
stimming tech house grooves

Fred Siera, fondateur de Jett Records,
sur Intruders TV
Antony Dupont – ‘Fucken Situation‘
released the 18th of September on Bass Pressure Records
energic uncompromised techno

Antony Dupont sur Intruders TV
The Micronauts – ‘Off The Beaten Track‘
released in oct 2006 on Micronautics
and re-issued the 1st of September for the label’s 10th anniversary
magnetic innovative modern electro

The Micronauts sur Intruders TV

… Stay tuned…

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Toute la culture : Playlist de la semaine (61)


« Playlist de la semaine (61) » par Bastien Stisi pour Toute la culture, samedi 5 avril 2014 :

[…] La playlist de la semaine, rendez-vous hebdo confectionné par Toute La Culture, rien que pour vos oreilles et pour vos tympans exigeants :

1. Rone, « Bachi-Bouzouk » […]

2. The Black Keys, « Fever » […]

3. Aston Villa, « Roule vite » […]

4. Benjamin Schoos ; Laetitia Sadier, « Une dernière danse » […]

5. Milky Chance, « Flashed Junk Mind » […]

6. Rachel Claudio, « Thrill Of The Game Part II » […]

7. Rituel, « Nirvana Dance »
Enfin sortis des recoins moites et tamisés du « Club Zanzibar », dont ils avaient largement investi les lieux depuis quelques mois, Christophe Monier (The Micronauts) et Thomas Regnault (Dew Town Mayor) poursuivent leur exploration d’une électro tribale et sensuelle par le biais d’un nouvel EP (Deux), abandonnant le temps d’un instant les contrées tanzaniennes pour se tourner vers l’immense territoire indien et ses recherches de nirvana par le biais de la house mystifiée…

La plupart des morceaux de la playlist sont à retrouver sur la page Deezer de Toute La Culture.

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