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The Micronauts – Like That Underground GROOVE Podcast 026 [Mixtape]


My new mix is live on Like That Underground’s ‘GROOVE Podcast’ SoundCloud channel: many shades of modern house music, spiced up with leftfield breaks, electro, acid and bass, as well as a couple of early 90s classics. It includes “Share (VONDA7 Own Share Remix)” from my latest EP, Head Remixes.

September 2019 Update: I made the mix available on Mixcloud and as a lossless free download via The Artist Union. Most of the tracks used in the mix are compiled into a Beatport Chart and a Spotify Playlist.

VAAL “Acid1200” (Pale Blue Dot 2019)
DARK CIRCLES “Lariat” (DC Trax 2019)
CRAIG WILLIAMS Feat. MANDY JONES “Come Here (Extended Mix)” (Food Music 2018)
BRUCE LOKO “Do It Right” (Get Physical 2019)
XON “Dissonance” (Network 1990)
BARTELLOW “Sala Sensi (Florian Kupfer Remix)” (ESP Institute 2019)
RHAUDER “Acid Jam” (Polymorph 2012)
LA FLEUR “Aphelion” (Power Plant 2019)
MEDLAR “Novanta” (Wolf 2019)
RUF DUG “Techno Cave (Sharif Laffrey Nightwork Remix)” (Futureboogie 2019)
DJOSER “Wera” (3024 2019)
KINK & RACHEL ROW “To Love You (Vocal)” (Running Back 2019)
BIZARRE INC “Such A Feeling” (Vinyl Solution 1991)
SRVD “Elevate” (Rekids 2018)
SHIBA SAN & TIM BARESKO “All I Need (Extended Mix)” (DFTD 2018)
S3A Feat. MIKA BLASTER “Presentiment” (Quartet Series 2018)
THE MICRONAUTS “Share (VONDA7 Own Share Remix)” (Micronautics 2019)
ASQUITH “Kunstcamp Acid” (Asquith 2019)
LINKWOOD “Fresh Gildans” (Firecracker 2018)

The Micronauts – Soundspace MIX226 [Mixtape]


My new mix for Soundspace is hard and dark: half new tracks, half classics, in the genres acid techno and leftfield breaks. It includes excerpts from my recent DJ set at Le Bikini in Toulouse, and ends with “Cérémonie (Popof Remix)” from my latest EP, Head Remixes.

Soundspace wrote a nice introduction on its site, and posted the mix on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud. I made it available on Mixcloud and as a lossless free download via The Artist Union. Most of the tracks used in the mix are compiled into a Beatport Chart and a Spotify Playlist.

HYPHO Feat. RAKAY “Round Ere” (81 2019)
MARKANTONIO, ATROXX “1965” (Analytic Trail 2019)
ALEXI DELANO / MARKO NASTIC “Wonderer (Cari Lekebusch Remix)” (Blumoog 2019)
ROBERT HOOD “Reflector” (M-Plant 2019)
DJ JM “No Days Off” (Nervous Horizon 2019)
A. BALTER AND EITAN REITER “E0E” (Digital Structures 2011)
SKREAM “Poison (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)” (We Are The Brave 2018)
STEVE RACHMAD “Moog On Acid” (Music Man 2007)
RESIDUAL “Speak In Silence” (Koryu Budo 2019)
BJARKI “I Wanna Go Bang” (Trip 2015)
THE MICRONAUTS “Acid Party (Luca Agnelli Remix)” (Micronautics 2018)
FJAAK “Keep The Funk” (Fjaak 2018)
NIGHTWAVE “Psychic Tonic (Jerome Hill Remix)” (Dext Limited 2019)
TESSELA “Hackney Parrot” (Poly Kicks 2013)
THE ROGUE ELEMENT “Broken Mirror” (Lot49 2013)
SAGE THE GEMINI “Gas Pedal (Pipes Remix)” (2013)
ARMANDO “Downfall (The Advent Pay Your Respect Remix)” (Slap Jaxx 2011)
THE MICRONAUTS Ft. DEW TOWN MAYOR “Cérémonie (Popof Remix)” (Micronautics 2019)

The Micronauts – Acid Party (Luca Agnelli Remix) #37 in Beatport Techno Best Sellers 2018


Beatport Techno Best Sellers 2018

The remix by Luca Agnelli of Acid Party, lead single from my new album Head Control Body Control, is no. 37 of Beatport’s Techno Best Sellers 2018.

Buy on Beatport

The Micronauts – A High Fly To Left Field [Mix CD For Tsugi 118]


The Micronauts - A High Fly To Left Field [Mix CD For Tsugi 118]

The Micronauts - A High Fly To Left Field [Mix CD For Tsugi 118]

The Micronauts - A High Fly To Left Field [Mix CD For Tsugi 118]

The December 2018-January 2019 issue of Tsugi, France’s leading electronic music magazine, has been on newsstands since last Friday.

I created the mix CD sold with the magazine, which showcases today’s diverse electronic music, beyond the usual boundaries between its sub-genres. The last page of the magazine is devoted to my comments on the selected tracks. There is also a one-page article on my new album, Head Control Body Control, for which I was interviewed. The full interview is available on Tsugi’s website.

00:00 THE MICRONAUTS “Polymorphous Pervert” (Micronautics 2018)
05:30 INCLAN “Tuntun (Tkuz Remix)” (Trafico Music 2018)
07:41 BRUSSELS PONY CLUB “Nightland” (Amselcom 2017)
11:25 MINOR SCIENCE “Volumes” (Whities 2017)
15:41 DEW TOWN MAYOR Ft. NOËL RASENDRASON “Érosion (John Tejada Remix)” (Micronautics 2018)
22:53 DINO LENNY “I Feel Stereo (Red Axes Remix)” (Yoshitoshi 2018)
25:51 FULL CRATE “Yeah” (Fcxm Music 2016)
28:22 MIJO “Thxtasy (Original Mix)” (Duro 2018)
32:50 ASUSU “Velez” (Livity Sound 2013)
34:08 MELÉ “Sleepless” (Edible 2016)
38:15 EMMANUEL TOP “This Is Cocaine (Original Mix)” (Filth On Acid 2017)]
42:13 THE MICRONAUTS “Acid Party” (Micronautics 2018)
48:37 PLOY “Garys” (Hemlock 2017)

August 2019 Update: The mix is now available on Mixcloud, Soundcloud and as a lossless free download via The Artist Union. Most of the tracks used in the mix are compiled into a Beatport Chart and a Spotify Playlist.

The Micronauts - A High Fly To Left Field [Mix CD For Tsugi 118]

The Micronauts – Gem FM 076 [Guestmix]


The great Dutch label Gem Records asked me for a guestmix for its show Gem FM With Secret Cinema, on the occasion of the Amsterdam Dance Event. I played leftfield and acid techno. It includes an exclusive excerpt from my forthcoming third album Head Control Body Control.

The mix was broadcast on Slam FM, Radio FG France and Belgium, Uncoded Radio, DI FM, BN-Radio and Mambo Radio. It’s available on Apple Podcasts, Mixcloud and Soundcloud, accompanied by a nice introductory text. It’s also available as a lossless free download via The Artist Union. The tracks used in the mix are compiled into a Beatport Chart and a Spotify Playlist.

KITTIN “EACID (Truncate Remix)” (Zone 2018)
A SAGITTARIUN “Vanishing Point” (Hypercolour 2017)
FEHRPLAY “Malnati (Original Mix)” (Anjunabeats 2018)
BART SKILS & REINIER ZONNEVELD “Snakecharmer (Pig&Dan Remix)” (Filth On Acid 2018)
KINK “Neutrino” (DGTL 2017)
CARL CRAIG “At Les (Christian Smith’s Tronic Treatment Mix)” (Tronic 2010)
PATRICE BAUMEL “Sorcery” (Kompakt 2017)
ANNA “Hidden Beauties” (Kompakt 2018)
JAY LUMEN “Asteroid (Original Mix)” (Footwork 2018)
EGBERT “Haasten” (Gem 2010)
THE MICRONAUTS Ft. DEW TOWN MAYOR “Cérémonie” (Micronautics 2018)

Mixmag – Tune Of The Month


My new single “Acid Party” is Tune Of The Month in the Tunes / House section of Mixmag’s new issue, dated August. “A nine-minute liquid party jam” by Mash in Mixmag no. 327, August 2018:

Last year, the reissue of Daft Punk’s mix of The Micronauts’ 1995 track inspired Christophe Monier to get back in the studio, and we’re glad he has: this is a nine-minute acid gurgler that will be a staple track in warehouse parties. Luca Agnelli is on techno duties and Luigi Rocca gives us a tweaking main-room tech-houser. but Red Axes’ strapping, stripped-back remix or the original are the winners. A great comeback. 9/10

Mixmag no. 327 August 2018, cover (source : scan Christophe Monier - The Micronauts WordPress blog)

Mixmag​ no. 327 August 2018, p. 102 - The Micronauts​ “Acid Party” Tunes / House Tune Of The Month (source : scan Christophe Monier - The Micronauts WordPress blog)

When “The Jag” was heavily supported by NME


[Team The Micronauts]

Officially released in 1999, two years after being produced, “The Jag” is the song that allowed The Micronauts to sign with Science, a London-based offshoot of Virgin Records (now Virgin EMI Records). The A&R was Steve Brown, who also ran The Chemical Brother’s label Freestyle Dust. Label mates were Detroit pioneer Stacey Pullen, as well as kings of avant-garde drum & bass Photek and Source Direct.

Having reached today the status of a cult classic, “The Jag” immediately caught the attention of the famous British music weekly NME, which supported it strongly.

“As a French fan of music, being signed to the UK branch of Virgin Records and lauded by the legendary newspaper NME was like a consecration”

[Team The Micronauts]

Plastic Dreams


Olivier Degorce’s “Plastic Dreams” is a superb collection of photos of the Parisian raves and parties in the 90s, behind the decks or on the dancefloor. Sweet to see The Micronauts in ’97 and all the friends! Out now on Headbangers Publishing, the book publishing arm of Ed Banger Records.

Cool de revivre les raves et les fêtes parisiennes des années 90, grâce au superbe recueil de photos d’Olivier Degorce, « Plastic Dreams », qui vient de paraître chez Headbangers Publishing (la branche édition d’Ed Banger Records). Encore plus cool d’y retrouver un bon échantillon de la mode ou des DJs de l’époque, des photos de The Micronauts en 1997, ainsi que tous les potes !

The Face – Bass Burners


— “Mentalist noise monsters The Micronauts dig out their favorite woofer-blowing vinyl” —

Three weeks ago, we posted the first story on The Micronauts ran by The Face, the famous British ‘style bible’. The magazine also published reviews of releases by Christophe’s various projects and an article on The Micronauts’ secret weapons when DJing, which included tracks by Chiapet (a side-project of Mood II Swing’s John Ciafone), Satoshi Tomiie, Leftfield, Tipper and Green Velvet.

[Team The Micronauts]

The Micronauts in Urb


Urb was a LA-based magazine about urban lifestyle, with the catchphrase “Future Music Culture” and mixing hip hop and electronic music before everyone else. Available in print from 1990 to 2009, it is now online.

The Micronauts was in its annual “Next 100” selection of up-and-coming musicians in March-April 1999. The following month’s issue included a great review of the compilation of early hip hop cuts “Celluloid – The Electro Years – Why Is It Fresh?”, which Christophe overseen for the label Distance. The Urb editorial team was a fan of the single “The Jag”, writing a nice review for the September-October 1999 issue and adding it to numerous playlists. Especially “The Jag” was ranked 6th among the best singles of the year by both Editorial Director Stacy Osbaum and Associate Editor Daniel Chamberlin. Last, the ninth anniversary issue of January-February 2000 featured a much-promoted article on the French New Wave titled “The French Revolution”, which included Cosmo Vitelli, Phoenix, The Tone, Rob and The Micronauts.

[Team The Micronauts]