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Dima Aka Vitalic + The Micronauts @ Le Bikini (Toulouse)


Dima Aka Vitalic + The Micronauts @ Le Bikini (Toulouse 07/05/2019)

23H00-00H30 Phantom
00H30-02H30 Error508
02H30-03H30 Dima
03H30-05H30 The Micronauts

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My tracklist:
THE MICRONAUTS “Cérémonie (Popof Remix)” (Micronautics 2019)
SRVD “Elevate” (Rekids 2018)
S3A Feat. MIKA BLASTER “Presentiment” (Quartet Series 2018)
THE MICRONAUTS “Share (Vonda7 Remix)” (Micronautics 2019)
KITTIN “EACID (Truncate Remix)” (Zone 2018)
ANNA “Hidden Beauties” (Kompakt 2018)
JAY LUMEN “Asteroid (Original Mix)” (Footwork 2018)
ROBERT HOOD “Reflector” (M-Plant 2019)
DAST “Sitting In The Sun (Original Mix)” (Elevate 2017)
A. BALTER AND EITAN REITER “E0E” (Digital Structures 2011)
SKREAM “Poison (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)” (We Are The Brave 2018)
STEVE RACHMAD “Moog On Acid” (Music Man 2007)
DAVID MEISER “Pressure” (Synewave 2015)
ARMANDO “Downfall (The Advent Pay Your Respect Remix)” (Slap Jaxx 2011)
BJARKI “I Wanna Go Bang” (Trip 2015)
THE MICRONAUTS “Acid Party (Luca Agnelli Remix)” (Micronautics 2018)
FJAAK “Keep The Funk” (Fjaak 2018)
NIGHTWAVE “Psychic Tonic (Jerome Hill Remix)” (Dext Limited 2019)
TESSELA “Hackney Parrot” (Poly Kicks 2013)
THE ROGUE ELEMENT “Broken Mirror” (Lot49 2013)
BLACK ASTEROID “Engine 1” (CLR 2011)
PAN-POT “Funke” (Second State 2018)
AIROD “Every Night” (Lenske 2019)
KOHRA “Acid Kidz (FILM Remix)” (Qilla 2019)
REGAL “Still Raving” (Involve 2018)
STEFANO MORETTI “Bleeding Rave Party” (Arts 2019)

Back To Nouvel An 2000 @ (pardon) (Paris)



« Le 31 décembre au (pardon), on fête le nouvel an 2000 “one more time”. Après s’être attaqué à 1998 et 1999, le lieu de vie loufoque de la rue Oberkampf se penche de façon obsessionnelle sur la musique de l’année 2000. »

22h00-23h50 Tom du Gard
23h50-00h15 Show FUGLY
00h15-01h00 Tom du Gard
01h00-03h15 kwamē
03h15-05h45 The Micronauts
05h45-08h00 FAAST

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2019-01-01 02.16.36

2019-01-01 03.20.45

2019-01-01 03.20.49

2019-01-01 03.20.52

My tracklist:
DENVER MCCARTHY “Rainbow City” (Strata)
LOSOUL “Lies” (Playhouse)
PEACHES “Lovertits” (Kitty-Yo)
TRINA W/ TRE+6 “I Need” (Slip-N-Slide)
ARK “Punkadelik (Shalark Rmx)” (Brif)
WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTIONS “From: Disco To: Disco (Original Album Version)” (Motor Music)
ARK “Shaolin” (Brif)
THE MICRONAUTS “Baby Wants To Bleep” (Science)
BASEMENT JAXX “Hold Ya Lighta” (Atlantic Jaxx)
LENNY FONTANA & DJ SHORTY “Chocolate Sensation (Force Club Mix)” (FFRR)
BEIGE “The Rhythm! The Message?” (Leaf)
CHOC ELECTRIQUE Feat. PASCAL’S BONGO MASSIVE “Shadows (Illinton’s Shadow Warrior Mix)” (Invincis)
GREEN VELVET “Technology’s Out Of Control” (Music Man)
PLAYGROUP “Make It Happen! (Extended)” (Source)
CHIAPET “Westworld (Termination Mix)” (Yoshitoshi)
VIKTER DUPLAIX “City Spirits (King Britt’s Scuba Trip)” (Nova)
WASSERMANN “W.I.R.” (Profan)
BLACK STROBE “Innerstrings (No Shuffle Mix)” (Output)
FISCHERSPOONER “The 15th” (For Those Who Know)
GREEN VELVET “Coïtus (Remix)” (Music Man)
ROK “Cycle Sluts (Claude Young Rmx)” (Müller)
SQUAREPUSHER “Schizm Track #2 Mix” (Warp)
TOKTOK “Jack Poke” (BPitch Control)
TOK TOK “Sekker” (BPitch Control)
ELECTRONIC CORPORATION “Freaks Are Electronic” (Electronic Corporation)
KOSMIC MESSENGER “Polyphonic Destruction” (End)
MIDFIELD GENERAL “Coatnoise (Dave Clarke Remix)” (Skint)
HIDDEN RIVALS “Early Days” (Brave New World)

Plastic Dreams


Olivier Degorce’s “Plastic Dreams” is a superb collection of photos of the Parisian raves and parties in the 90s, behind the decks or on the dancefloor. Sweet to see The Micronauts in ’97 and all the friends! Out now on Headbangers Publishing, the book publishing arm of Ed Banger Records.

Cool de revivre les raves et les fêtes parisiennes des années 90, grâce au superbe recueil de photos d’Olivier Degorce, « Plastic Dreams », qui vient de paraître chez Headbangers Publishing (la branche édition d’Ed Banger Records). Encore plus cool d’y retrouver un bon échantillon de la mode ou des DJs de l’époque, des photos de The Micronauts en 1997, ainsi que tous les potes !

The Face – Bass Burners


— “Mentalist noise monsters The Micronauts dig out their favorite woofer-blowing vinyl” —

Three weeks ago, we posted the first story on The Micronauts ran by The Face, the famous British ‘style bible’. The magazine also published reviews of releases by Christophe’s various projects and an article on The Micronauts’ secret weapons when DJing, which included tracks by Chiapet (a side-project of Mood II Swing’s John Ciafone), Satoshi Tomiie, Leftfield, Tipper and Green Velvet.

[Team The Micronauts]

The Micronauts in Urb


Urb was a LA-based magazine about urban lifestyle, with the catchphrase “Future Music Culture” and mixing hip hop and electronic music before everyone else. Available in print from 1990 to 2009, it is now online.

The Micronauts was in its annual “Next 100” selection of up-and-coming musicians in March-April 1999. The following month’s issue included a great review of the compilation of early hip hop cuts “Celluloid – The Electro Years – Why Is It Fresh?”, which Christophe overseen for the label Distance. The Urb editorial team was a fan of the single “The Jag”, writing a nice review for the September-October 1999 issue and adding it to numerous playlists. Especially “The Jag” was ranked 6th among the best singles of the year by both Editorial Director Stacy Osbaum and Associate Editor Daniel Chamberlin. Last, the ninth anniversary issue of January-February 2000 featured a much-promoted article on the French New Wave titled “The French Revolution”, which included Cosmo Vitelli, Phoenix, The Tone, Rob and The Micronauts.

[Team The Micronauts]

i-D – Neither Lo-Fi Or Hi-Fi, It’s Sci-Fi


— The Micronauts’ sound: “neither lo-fi or hi-fi. It’s sci-fi.” —

Launched in the early 80s shortly after The Face (see our last week’s post), i-D has established itself as the other big ‘style bible’ in the UK. Somehow even its typographic logo, a winking smiley, was ahead of its time. i-D is still alive and kicking today, thanks to its acquisition by Vice Media.

Journalist Susanna Glaser wrote this nice column early 1999 to introduce The Micronauts to its readership and to announce the single “The Jag”: “an outta-here never-let-it-end journey along the highest acid squiggle mountains, the wobbliest electro seas, the deepest sub-bass valleys, even lifting you up into soulful vocal heaven.”

[Team The Micronauts]

The Face – Sci-fi Allstars


— “Wayward acid punk, heavy on the electro basslines” —

The Face was a British music, fashion, and culture monthly magazine. Viewed as a ‘style bible’ and an ‘almanac of cool’, the seminal title is the subject of a book recently published by Thames & Hudson (“The Story Of The Face” by Paul Gorman) and is set to be revived by the publisher of Mixmag.

“The Face was a strong supporter of The Micronauts, as well as my other band at the time, Impulsion. This first article was written early 1999 by Dorian Lynskey for the release of the single ‘The Jag’.”

[Team The Micronauts]

Mixmag – Influx & Plastic


— “The Micronauts: they don’t sound how they look, fortunately” —

Mixmag, the famous British dance music and club culture magazine, published its first article on The Micronauts at the end of 1998. It was illustrated with a photo taken from Emmanuelle Mafille’s fashion series which we presented last week, aptly titled “Heavy Mental” and originally featured in the artzine Pépé.

On the same page was reviewed 16B’s “Water Ride” 12” which included, quote, “a scorching ten-minute long revamp” of the original track by The Micronauts: “mentalist electro-techno that melts your brain.”

[Team The Micronauts]

Pépé – Heavy Mental: The Micronauts In Da House


Playing with makeup, wigs, exploring the feminine side in men through heavy metal chic and having a good laugh!

Styling and photos of George Issakidis and Christophe Monier by Emmanuelle Mafille for the artzine Pépé no. 7, published in July 1998. Shot at Studios Plus. Graphic design by Vincent Bergerat.

[Team The Micronauts]