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Dew Town Mayor “Érosion Remixé” Out Now On Micronautics


Dew Town Mayor Ft. Noël Rasendrason “Érosion Remixé” (Micronautics TIC16)

1 • Érosion (John Tejada Remix) • 8:05
2 • Érosion (Leonard De Leonard Remix) • 5:25
3 • Érosion (Nicecream Studio & Noël Rasendrason Météore Version) • 8:48
4 • Érosion (Radio Version) • 3:45

Following the release of Dew Town Mayor’s much-hyped “Érosion” in 2017, “Érosion Remixé” delivers three incredible new remixes from John Tejada, Leonard De Leonard and Nicecream Studio & Noël Rasendrason.

Dew Town Mayor is the solo alias of Thomas Regnault: an electronic producer and multi-platform artist whose other musical projects include Rituel (alongside The Micronauts’ Christophe Monier) and Attention (with Geoffroy Monde). Released this September on the Micronautics label, “Érosion Remixé” is a remix package of the original release of “Érosion” in 2017.

Supported by tastemaker publications like Resident Advisor and XLR8R, “Érosion” featured a striking turn from French artist and multi-instrumentalist Noël Rasendrason, whose powerfully delivered vocals also take centre stage in these new set of remixes.

John Tejada is a true electronic pioneer: a singular artist whose vision and flair is recognised around the world. As you’d expect, his remix of “Érosion” is sublime: instantly engaging yet ever evolving, with elements of deep house, acid and techno combining to stunning effect.

Leonard De Leonard goes for the jugular with a visceral reinterpretation that starts with expansive waves of creeping synths before descending to the acid depths, a vicious 303 line pummelling everything in its path.

Teaming up on the final remix, Nicecream Studio & Noël Rasendrason strips things back, a tense, shuffling beat and bit-crushed synths providing a stark bed for commanding Rasendrason’s vocal.

“The approach to creating ‘Érosion’ has been that of a total artwork. It’s production and writing, the concept and direction of the video, have all been led with a common momentum, using the movement and transformation phenomena happening in the mineral kingdom as inspirations.” Dew Town Mayor

Accompanying the release of “Érosion Remixé” is an official music video for the original version of “Érosion”, directed by Regnault and starring Noël Rasendrason.

Support from Sasha, Roger Sanchez, Andy Cato (Groove Armada), James Zabiela, AKA AKA, Kölsch, Âme, Davide Squillace, M.A.N.D.Y., Luigi Madonna, Tocadisco, Edu Imbernon, Mat.Joe, Digitaria, Neverdogs, Timo Maas, DJ T., Dense & Pika, John B, Silicone Soul, Musumeci, Tim Sweeney, AFFKT, Jody Wisternoff (Way Out West), Regal, BLOT, Javi Bora, Be Svendsen, Rhythm Masters, Luca Donzelli, Perel, Olderic, Manic Brothers, Villanova, BOg, Clint Stewart, Alland Byallo, Jam El Mar, Psycatron, Javier Orduña, Willie Graff, Wax Wings, Mijk Van Dijk, Brennen Grey, Jon Da Silva, The Micronauts…

“Érosion (John Tejada Remix)” was premiered by Resident Advisor on September 12.

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Micronautics x Single Pattern


Micronautics x Single Pattern t-shirt Dew Town Mayor Érosion (source : Christophe Monier - The Micronauts WordPress blog)

We’re happy to introduce you to the new e-shop of my label Micronautics, in collaboration with Single Pattern.

Our first item is this gorgeous T-shirt, inspired by Dew Town Mayor’s latest EP “Érosion”. Drawing by Noël Rasendrason and graphic design by Sylvia Tournerie. Other products will be added soon so stay tuned!

“Érosion” is available on Micronautics.

Diva – The family tree of French electro in 2008


Diva no. 1 - March-April 2008 - pp. 14-77-79 - The family tree of French electro in 2008 by Christelle Dierickx, Alain Jouve and Sébastien Licky (source : scan Christophe Monier - The Micronauts WordPress blog)

Diva no. 1 - March-April 2008 - p. 81 - The family tree of French electro in 2008 by Christelle Dierickx, Alain Jouve and Sébastien Licky (source : scan Christophe Monier - The Micronauts WordPress blog)

Here is the fourth and last diagram of our series (after Nova Magazine’s Parisian DJs subway map from 1996 and French touch artists’ relationships sketch from 1999, then Jockey Slut’s Underground map of electronic music from 2000). The family tree of the French electro scene was published in the first issue of the short-lived women’s music magazine Diva, dated March-April 2008. A couple of influential non-French acts were included.

About a decade after the other diagrams, what was called French touch 2.0 was in full swing, with a harder and rockier sound. This time, new wave and EBM influenced-producers were represented.

“My album ‘Damaging Consent’ had just been released on Vitalic-owned Citizen Records​, along with a compilation of some of the best remixes I have done as The Micronauts. It felt great to be surrounded by such big names.”

[Team The Micronauts]

Jockey Slut’s Underground Map Of Electronic Music


Jockey Slut Vol. 3 no. 5 - June 2000 - p. 26 - The Underground map of electronic music by Jim Butler, Rick Butler, Scott McCready and Harriet Fuller (source : scan Christophe Monier - The Micronauts WordPress blog)

Following Nova Magazine’s Parisian DJs subway map from 1996 and French touch artists’ relationships sketch from 1999 that we posted the last two weeks, here is the third diagram of our series. The Underground map of electronic music was published in June 2000 in Jockey Slut, a legendary British magazine which ran between 1993 and 2004 and was the bible of indie dance and everything leftfield.

The Micronauts are to be found on the “Beats” line, surrounded by the “Indie dance” and the “Techno” lines.

“I was pretty happy and proud to share the same line as Daft Punk, Lil Louis, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Portishead Tipper, KLF, etc., as well as being close to a few music heroes of my adolescence such as New Order or Primal Scream!”

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Nova Magazine’s Sketch Of French Touch Artists’ Relationships From 1999


Nova Magazine nº 51 - mars 1999 - pp. 29 - diagramme des relations entre les artistes de la French touch (source : scan Christophe Monier - The Micronauts WordPress blog)

— Sketch of relationships between French touch artists in 1999, when the genre was at its height —

Following the Parisian DJs subway map that we posted last week, here is another diagram from Nova Magazine, originally published in March 1999. Designed by DJ Ivan Smagghe and music journalist Patrick Thévenin, It shows the work relationships, friendship and love, real or fantasized, between artists of the so-called French touch.

It should not be taken too seriously and the tone of the article that accompanies it is pretty satirical. As it’s written, those who make sense of it can boast of being part of the gang!

“This time I do appear in the diagram, but casted out as an outsider. Which of course I was very happy, I’ve never been comfortable with being tagged or put in a box, ha ha!”

[Team The Micronauts]

Best Of House & Techno 2017


Âtelier de Musique Electronique, 6 mai 1997 (source : Christophe Monier - The Micronauts WordPress blog)

I just created a Spotify playlist with my favorite straight four-on-the-floor trance-inducing tracks from last year.

It’s called “Best Of House & Techno 2017” and it contains more than 130 tracks, in order of increasing tempo!

Nova Magazine’s Subway Map Of Parisian DJs From 1996


Nova Magazine nº 16S - avril 1996 - pp. 26-27 - plan du métro des DJs parisiens (source : scan Christophe Monier - The Micronauts WordPress blog)

— An archive document on the French touch early days! —

Diagrams such as subway maps or family trees were a popular way to show connections between artists. We’ve got four to share with you in the coming weeks.

This first one was published in April 1996 in Nova Magazine. Designed by music journalists George Bailey, David Blot and Vincent Borel, and mimicking a London Underground map, it claimed to represent every Parisian DJs of the time.

“I wasn’t a DJ yet, but those from the eDEN collective and those with whom I was making music (Tom Bouthier in The Eurostars, DJ Pascal R in Impulsion, Patrick Vidal in Discotique) are all there!”

[Team The Micronauts]

The Micronauts – Bass Wars


MARVEL COMICS GROUP - STAR WARS WEEKLY UK no. 51 Jan 24th 1978 p. 27 - Micronauts! Chapter 1 Homeworld! (source : scan Christophe Monier - The Micronauts WordPress blog)

Check out my new Spotify playlist with the best bass music (ordered by increasing tempo and sorted by year — most recent first).

Bass in the broad sense, including leftfield dubstep, breaks, footwork, trap, drumstep, neurofunk, etc. Even if I produce mainly house and techno, I think it’s important to keep an open mind and get inspiration everywhere!

Christophe Monier & ses amis à la soirée Parano 02


“Throwback to one of my first DJ set, as Christophe Monier & his friends! It was in 1998 at a Crash Magazine event.”


On retrouve quatre ans après la fine équipe du concert de la rave Luv You, cette fois comme DJs lors d’une soirée organisée par le magazine Crash.

« C’est un de mes premiers DJ set… Cette publication est l’opportunité pour moi de remercier l’équipe de Crash pour son soutien sans faille ! »

[Team The Micronauts]

Le premier article sur The Micronauts paraît dans Coda


Coda publie en janvier 96 le premier article sur The Micronauts (à l’époque duo formé de Christophe Monier et George Issakidis). Celui-ci est signé d’un autre grand nom du journalisme musical électronique, Jean-Philippe Renoult, et fait suite aux chroniques parues dans le nº du mois précédent, écrites par Jean-Yves Leloup. Les deux journalistes s’associeront peu après pour écrire le livre de référence Global Tekno.

Global Tekno est aussi une série d’expositions organisées avec Radio FG, la première en juillet 1995 à l’American Center de Bercy. L’occasion d’annoncer la 7e édition qui aura lieu en mai 2018 au CIAM-La Fabrique à Toulouse.

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