The Micronauts – Soundspace MIX226 [Mixtape]


My new mix for Soundspace is hard and dark: half new tracks, half classics, in the genres acid techno and leftfield breaks. It includes excerpts from my recent DJ set at Le Bikini in Toulouse, and ends with “Cérémonie (Popof Remix)” from my latest EP, Head Remixes.

Soundspace wrote a nice introduction on its site, and posted the mix on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud. I made it available on Mixcloud and as a lossless free download via The Artist Union. Most of the tracks used in the mix are compiled into a Beatport Chart and a Spotify Playlist.

HYPHO Feat. RAKAY “Round Ere” (81 2019)
MARKANTONIO, ATROXX “1965” (Analytic Trail 2019)
ALEXI DELANO / MARKO NASTIC “Wonderer (Cari Lekebusch Remix)” (Blumoog 2019)
ROBERT HOOD “Reflector” (M-Plant 2019)
DJ JM “No Days Off” (Nervous Horizon 2019)
A. BALTER AND EITAN REITER “E0E” (Digital Structures 2011)
SKREAM “Poison (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)” (We Are The Brave 2018)
STEVE RACHMAD “Moog On Acid” (Music Man 2007)
RESIDUAL “Speak In Silence” (Koryu Budo 2019)
BJARKI “I Wanna Go Bang” (Trip 2015)
THE MICRONAUTS “Acid Party (Luca Agnelli Remix)” (Micronautics 2018)
FJAAK “Keep The Funk” (Fjaak 2018)
NIGHTWAVE “Psychic Tonic (Jerome Hill Remix)” (Dext Limited 2019)
TESSELA “Hackney Parrot” (Poly Kicks 2013)
THE ROGUE ELEMENT “Broken Mirror” (Lot49 2013)
SAGE THE GEMINI “Gas Pedal (Pipes Remix)” (2013)
ARMANDO “Downfall (The Advent Pay Your Respect Remix)” (Slap Jaxx 2011)
THE MICRONAUTS Ft. DEW TOWN MAYOR “Cérémonie (Popof Remix)” (Micronautics 2019)

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