Rituel XXXVIII @ Le Yono


Vendredi 9 juin 2017 :

21:00-01:40 The Micronauts, Dew Town Mayor & Slowbody (DJ sets)

Évènement Facebook (Facebook event)
Affiche (Poster)

Le Yono, 37 rue Vieille-du-Temple 75004 Paris, France

Ma Playlist :
DJ RASHAD Feat SPINN & TASO “She A Go” (Hyperdub 2013)
MULLY & DARNELL RICHIER “Recurrence (Royce Myers Remix)” (Emengy 2017)
MICK JENKINS Feat. THEMIND “1000 Xans” (Cinematic Music Group 2016)
DOCOLV “Kill The System (Original Mix)” (DocOlv 2017)
LIANNE LA HAVAS “Unstoppable (FKJ Remix)” (Warner 2015)
CHROMA FALLS “Jades (Fitzroy North Remix)” (Land 2017)
GREG KOZO Feat. SOLA PLEXUS “Vibrate” (Roy Music 2017)
XIQUE-XIQUE “1542” (The Magic Movement 2016)
JACQUES “Faites quelque chose” (Pain Surprises 2015)
HERBIE HANCOCK “Stars In Your Eyes” (Columbia 1980)
MR. KRISTOPHER “Darklord” (Jet Set Trash 2017)
RIGOPOLAR “La Mal (Original Mix)” (Tom Tom Disco 2017)
TULIOXI “Urban Beast (Zombies In Miami Remix)” (Shara Music 2017)
MERMAIDS “Mercy, Madedelena” (Huntleys + Palmers 2016)
ANTIGEN Feat ANDREA MARTIN “So What (Miles Black Love Mix)” (Soterios 2017)
PART TIME HEROES “Done (Throwing Snow Remix)” (Wah Wah 45s 2012)
VIMES “Hopeful (Reprise)” (Needwant 2017)
NEW ORDER “True Faith” (Factory 1987)
NUNO DOS SANTOS & FALCO BENZ “Saupaulo” (My Favorite Robot 2017)
ESETTE Featuring PIPER DAVIS “The Rise (Neighbour Remix)” (Supremus 2016)
JAMES CURD “Treat Treat Treat” (Classic 2017)
NICE7 “Running Man” (Snatch! 2016)
RITUEL “Dreams (Thomas Gandey Remix)” (Micronautics 2017)
DEW TOWN MAYOR “Érosion (Radio Version)” (Micronautics 2017)
BÉRURIER NOIR “Vive le feu” (Bondage 1985)



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