Killahbeez Mixtape Mondays: Electronic Exploration 459 Metrist


Metrist’s new mixtape for Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations podcast series uses Underworld “Bruce Lee (The Micronauts Remix)”. The mixtape is also featured by the American street culture blog Killahbeez in its Mixtape Mondays selection.
Mixtape Mondays: Electronic Exploration 459 Metrist” by Van for Killahbeez, Monday 27 February 2017:

For this week’s Mixtape Mondays selection, we paid a visit to Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations podcast series. Brighton based Metrist (or Metrist L. Sae or Joe Higgins to those that know him personally) takes over Episode 459 and presents us with 57 minutes of broken beat and techno. Recorded live at Patterns in Brighton, the mix has an intro that’ll remind you of a live show where you and your friends are grabbing a brew right when the main act starts, positioning yourself for optimal 4/4 enjoyment. Have a listen and or skip to the 4 minute mark if you wanna get to the meat and bones of this mix.

“This is pretty representative of what I play, minus the drone. I am getting a lot of fun out of the amalgamation of broken beat and 4 to the floor work as I have always drifted unknowingly between the two – this mix I guess is an audible representation of my unwillingness to focus on one or the other.”

“Thank you to Patterns, Brighton for letting me record this in the club, and thanks to the wandering bar staff walking through the room at various points.” – Metrist

01 Paul De Marinis – Lecon Par L’aiguile [Lovely Music LTD]
02 Mika Vainio – Weight [Blast First Petite]
03 Time Is Running Out – Salakapakka Sound System [Self-Released]
04 Szare – Crop Failure [Field Records]
05 R-Zone – Mynheer [R-Zone]
06 Unbroken Dub – Factory Presets Improvisation [Resonance Moscow]
07 Monolake – Invisible [Imbalance Computer Music]
08 Via Maris – Swarm [Livity Sound]
09 Sagat – Body [Vlek]
10 Pangaea – Won’t Hurt [Hessle Audio]
11 Metrist – ??????
12 Albert Van Abbe – Ostinati 09 [Deep Sound Channel]
13 Metrist – Do I Say Something (2014 Stair-Fall Mix) [Unreleased]
14 Moeller & Marcelus – The Fog [Singular Records]
15 Batu – Murmur [Timedance]
16 James Ruskin – Unknown Destination [Blueprint]
17 Herbert Eimert – Klangstudie [Sub Rosa]
18 R-Zone – Hired Guns [R-Zone]
19 Underworld – Bruce Lee (The Micronauts Remix) [Junior Boy’s Own]
20 Bell Riots – Tda Acido [Plius Plius Plius]
21 December – Greed Happiness [Jealous God]
22 Via Maris – Apt [Unreleased]
23 TML – NPC [Always Human Tapes]
24 Metrist – ??????
25 Paul De Marinis – Fonetica Francese [Lovely Music LTD]

Metrist AKA L. SAE AKA Joe Higgins is a Brighton based producer and sound designer. Recent releases include a mini LP on Black Opal (Opal Tapes’ Vinyl outlet) and before this Batu’s Timedance imprint as L.SAE. Curator of Brighton club night Zallogut of whom notable guests include Objekt, Helena Hauff and Pangaea.


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