Rituel XXXVII – Dew Town Mayor’s Birthday @ Le Yono


Samedi 4 février 2017 :

21:00-01:40 The Micronauts & Dew Town Mayor (DJ sets)

Évènement Facebook (Facebook event)
Affiche (Poster)

Le Yono, 37 rue Vieille-du-Temple 75004 Paris, France

Ma Playlist :
SILER & DIMA Feat. LE LOUP “Willie Hutch” (Phonogramme 2016)
MERMAIDS “Mercy, Madedelena” (Huntleys + Palmers 2016)
PART TIME HEROES “Done (Throwing Snow Remix)” (Wah Wah 45s 2012)
THE REVENGE “Conkers” (Dirt Crew 2016)
PARPLE “Sacred” (Hivern Discs 2016)
HEADMAN Feat. STEPHEN DEWAELE “Roh (Playgroup Love Dub)” (Gomma 2006)
HENRY SAIZ “Dystopian (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)” (Suara 2016)
RODION “Nebula” (Roccodisco 2016)
SATIN JACKETS Feat. SCAVENGER HUNT “Feel Good (Cavego Extended Remix)” (Eskimo 2016)
ESETTE Featuring PIPER DAVIS “The Rise (Neighbour Remix)” (Supremus 2016)
JAMES CURD & DIZ “It’s So Much Fun” (Repopulate Mars 2016)
K.O.T. “Flutez” (20:20 Vision 2014)
NICE7 “Running Man” (Snatch! 2016)
QUIVVER “Lights Down, Pt.1” (Selador 2016)
LEONARD DE LEONARD “Tom Tom Club (Original Mix)” (Leonizer 2017)
CATZ ‘N DOGZ “It’s Happening” (Pets 2016)
ZAPPE “Larry’s Exotic Blend (Joeski’s Ruff Disco Mix)” (Classic 2016)
KID GRIMM “Monkey Disco” (Room With A View 2016)
LANDSKY & RESMANN Feat. JONNY CRUZ “Fred The Ball” (Upon You 2016)
SPILLER “Jumbo” (Nano 2006)
LEE WALKER “Freak Like Me (DJ Deeon Vs Lee Walker Remix)” (Defected 2016)
ANDERSON .PAAK “Paint” (Steel Wool 2014)
RED RACK’EM “Wonky Bassline Disco Banger (Leopard Eats Luke Edit)” (Classic 2017)
K & K “Peaceful Crowd” (Sleazy Tech 2016)
KINK “Valentine’s Groove” (Clone Royal Oak 2016)
JOHN TEJADA & TIN MAN “Diamond Lanes” (Absurd 2016)
POLOGRAPHIA “Last (Moonbase Commander Remix)” (Sweat It Out! 2015)



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