Test Pressing : Mix / Joakim / Dancing Is A Visible Action Of Life – 1998


Joakim new mixtape starts with The Micronauts “The Jag”.
Mix / Joakim / Dancing Is A Visible Action Of Life – 1998” by Apiento on the balearic site Test Pressing, Tuesday 15 March 2016:

Joakim hits 1998 with a vengeance. For some reason I always think these records were much more recent but basically anything that starts with The Jag (a total lost classic) and goes from there is good for me. Enjoy.


Joakim posted this comment on his Facebook page, Wednesday 16 March 2016:

Boom! #1998. Funnily I didn’t have that much music to choose from for that year. But the tracks I selected are all big and unique classics, you can feel that 1998 was a turning point, a mutation year: the peak of filtered disco house and also the beginning of its decay; the start of the German takeover with their new breed of minimalism, the blend of house and techno sounds. This is almost already dance music postmodernism.

… And this comment on Instagram:

“Dancing Is A Visible Action Of Life” mix is up on TestPressing.org and starts with this massive classic by the cult Micronauts. When this came out it was an instant sensation, people thought the new Daft Punk was here, well you should rather imagine a mix between Daft Punk and Green Velvet, all on Acid! […]

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