Paris – There Is A Storm


Paris’ debut album “There Is A Storm” is released today on Ekler’o’Shock, available in digital and in limited edition blue 12” vinyl. The artwork is by Laurent Fetis. I mixed four tracks: “The Silk Screen”, “My Baby Drove Away”, “The Cross-Over” and “Come Back Johnny”.

Track list:
1 – A1 – The Silk Screen
2 – A2 – What Is My Name
3 – A3 – My Baby Drove Away
4 – A4 – Up from a Distance
5 – A5 – The Cross Over
6 – B1 – March of the Wooden Soldiers
7 – B2 – Come Back Johnny
8 – B3 – Serve Me Lord
9 – B4 – Wearing the Mask

Also offered with the downloads: my take on their previous single, “A Shifting Drifting World (The Micronauts Rework)”, as well as various remixes by It’s A Fine Line, David Shaw & The Beat, Idir, In Flagranti and Mijo.

Paris is Nicolas Ker (Poni Hoax, Diplomatic Shit), Arnaud Roulin (Poni Hoax, Viva And The Diva), Mike Theis (Gyrls, Diplomatic Shit) and Maxime Delpierre (Limousine, Viva And The Diva).

Infos en français sur le site du label


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