Intruders TV : The Micronauts, Boss Axis, Mario Da Ragnio, Antony Dupont


The new Intruders TV’s releases playlist has an EPs selection with players and videos including the reissue of The Micronauts’ “Off The Beaten Track” on Micronautics.
The Micronauts, Boss Axis, Mario Da Ragnio, Antony Dupont” by Lanto on Intruders TV, Friday 24 October 2014:

3 EPs just released
on Play Label Records, Jett Records and Bass Pressure Records
+ 1 one re-issue on Micronautics

from sweet sunny house to magnetic innovative modern electro
via stimming tech house groove and energic uncrompromized techno
Boss Axis – ‘Continental‘
released the 12th of September on Play Label Records
sweet and floating sunny deep house

Exon Bacon,
label manager de Play Label Records
sur Intruders TV
Mario Da Ragnio – ‘First Flight EP’
Released the 16th of September on Jett Records
stimming tech house grooves

Fred Siera, fondateur de Jett Records,
sur Intruders TV
Antony Dupont – ‘Fucken Situation‘
released the 18th of September on Bass Pressure Records
energic uncompromised techno

Antony Dupont sur Intruders TV
The Micronauts – ‘Off The Beaten Track‘
released in oct 2006 on Micronautics
and re-issued the 1st of September for the label’s 10th anniversary
magnetic innovative modern electro

The Micronauts sur Intruders TV

… Stay tuned…

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