10 Years Of Micronautics: The Micronauts “Anarchie” & “Sweat” Reissued Today


Micronautics, the label that I created, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Its digital distributor IDOL is taking the opportunity to reissue some references, augmented with a booklet and higher resolution artwork. Today it’s the turn of the EPs by The Micronauts, “Anarchie” (TIC01 — 12” vinyl released March 2004) and “Sweat” (TIC03 — 12” vinyl released May 2005). To be continued next Monday…

Micronautics, le label que j’ai créé, fête ses 10 ans cette année. Son distributeur numérique, IDOL, en profite pour ressortir certaines références, accompagnées d’un livret et de graphismes de meilleure résolution. Aujourd’hui c’est au tour des maxis « Anarchie » (TIC01 — vinyl sorti en mars 2004) et « Sweat » (TIC03 — vinyl sorti en mai 2005) par The Micronauts. La suite lundi prochain…

The Micronauts “Anarchie” (Micronautics TIC01)

1 • High Rise • 9:01 • 137.136 BPM
2 • Get Down • 5:46 • 133.25 BPM
3 • Sinecitta • 5:24 • 130 BPM

Press release and review

Available on BandcampBeatportBoomkatiTunesJunoQobuzSoundCloudSpotifyWasabeatWhatPeoplePlay


Supported by Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, Sven Väth, Chris Liebing, Tiga, John Peel, Radio Slave, Damian Lazarus, Riton, Club Cheval, Andrew Weatherall, Phil Kieran, Slam, Ben Sims, Paul Woolford, Justin Robertson, Mr. G, Michel de Hey, Alvin C, Billy Nasty, Dan Kahuna, Chicken Lips, Danny Howells, Disastronaut, Ewan Pearson, Jim Masters, Jo Jo De Freq, Optimo, Layo, Keith Tenniswood, Lee Burridge, Mark Moore, Silicone Soul, Mary Anne Hobbs, Fergie, James Hyman, Eddie Temple-Morris, Scratch Massive, Bosco, etc.

It’s awesome. I love it.

Dave Clarke:
Charting it at number 6 at the moment.

Andrew Weatherall:
Yeah, excellent stuff, look forward to getting the vinyl.

Damian Lazarus: Superb release. Track 2 side B rocks!

Phil Kieran: “High Rise” is the one! Stand out stuff. Will play this loads I’m sure.

Slam: Good to see them back. Love the long acid track.

Paul Woolford (Back To Basics):
Micronauts are wicked, right up my street. 5/5.

Ben Sims (Theory Records):
It’s totally my thing—like it.

Justin Robertson (Bugged Out!):
Amazing record.

Alan Simms (Shine):
Love the acid line on B1, this is just the ticket. In a world full of techno producers making the same record ten or twenty times before change the format makes this a breath of fresh air. This is seriously mutant music that just doesn’t do what the crowd are expecting but entertains them nonetheless.

Alvin C (Medicine, Fabric):
Good to see the Micronauts are back in action. They are one of my very favourite production outfits. “High Rise” is absolutely mental—fucking love it! Welcome back Micronauts.

Ban Cave (Breezeblock Producer – BBC Radio 1):
Great release. We played “High Rise” on the show.

Billy Nasty (The End):
Really like the first track, not sure about the vocal but will definitely hammer it when I get it on vinyl.

Colin McBean (Mr. G):

D’Parr (Stompa Phunk):
Fucking amazing. “High Rise” and “Get Down” are brilliant, gonna rinse this at the club.

Dan Kahuna (FC Kahuna):
Really good. First two mixes are really useful. Love the intro to “High Rise”.

Danny Howells:
Fucking great! Gonna let that rip it up at the End tomorrow.

Dave Chambers (Mother, Media, Under Water, The End)
Fucking love this.

Dean Meredith (Chicken Lips):
Micronauts return in fine style!

Disastronaut (Sonic Mook, Slack Sabbath):
In Belgium this almost caused a blackout—huge surge towards the stage—a riot! Good track for drugged up monkeys.

Eddie Temple-Morris (XFM):
“High Rise”—great end of night bomb. Played at the Remix night at 12.40 a.m. I would love to hear a breakbeat version by Backdraft or JDS.

Ewan Pearson:
Really loving B1. A side is a bit too fast and furious for my sets at the moment. Really good and looking forward to hearing more!

Fil OK (Nag):
Quite mad, which is good. But more filler than classic. Beats aren’t very imaginative apart from B2.

Freelance Hellraiser:
I loved “High Rise”, especially the daft intro. Will test this out in Glasgow on Saturday. I reckon the Arches crowd will love it. Not as keen on the B side tracks.

James Hyman (XFM):
Love it! Definitely going to play it this weekend on “The Rinse”.

Jim Hutchison (Soma):
“Get Down” for me. ‘A’ side is a bit too bonkers but can see it going off !

Jim Masters (Base):
Really like it—great set opener.

Jo Jo De Freq:
Love it, have played down at Nag already with mental crowd reaction. Love the big synth sweep intro. It’s got the sounds I’m after to fit in my sets and definitely peak time floor action.

Keith McIvor (Optimo, Electric Stew):
Very, very good, really enjoyed it.

Keith Tenniswood (Radioactive Man):
Yeah wicked stuff !

Layo (The End):
Like B1.

Lee Burridge:
Been caning the acid house one (B1).

Mark Moore (Electropogo):
Mental, love it.

Mat Carter (Checkpoint, Fabric, Haywire):
Blimey, I thought my speakers had blown when I first heard this. A storming 12” that certainly has its place on dirty dancefloors. B1 is the bomb for me, bit more subtle than the main track.

Matt Edwards (Radio Slave):
I love the Micronauts but I just think it’s a bit too crazy. I do like High Rise and I’ll probably do an edit without so many breakdowns, I’m really into the drum sounds and those mad synths. Its great to hear some new stuff from these guys but it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped!

Matt Meehan (Catapult):
Anarchie’s the right word. “High Rise” is some top ass-shaking electro/techno stomper with chic. Full support, nice!

Neville Watson (Checkpoint Charlie, 333):
Bonkers French action, I am liking. “Get Down” has flitted in and out of my box since it came out in ’96 on
phono, so the new mix is more than welcome. A top start top the New Year. I shall be heavily rotating.

Omid 16B:
Interesting, but not as interesting as their previous work, but I have to say it did raise an eyebrow. Keep it real
boys, keep it noisy.

Rev Milo Speedwagon (93 Feet East, Kiss 100, Herbal, Cargo):
Eccy rush booty—really wonky but good.

Rick Hopkins (Haywire):
Micronauts or is it DJ Rush?! Still sounding good. One for the big systems.

Sean McLusky (Return To New York, Sonic Mook):
“Get Down” is excellent.

Silicone Soul:
Christ this is crazy!

Tom Stephan (Kiss 100):
I wouldn’t play it out but I think it’s pretty cool.

Trevor Jackson (Output):
Slightly disappointing after their storming return with the Mirwais remix of “Miss you”. Still miles better than the majority of shite around. Looking forward to hearing more.

Curtis (Empire):
Super bien !!

François Marché (Bosco, Panti Will):
Je vais le tester à Toulouse demain. J’adore « High Rise », la montée de l’intro est super oppressante, le tout enrobé d’une certaine violence qui débouche sur le chaos. En tout cas bravo.

Gauthier Keyaerts (BNG, Mash’ta, Quatermass):
Ouaaaaah, poils de poitrine arrachés, suis collé au mur etc. Quelle patate ! Bravo gars ! « Get Down » est plus roots que roots, l’impression d’être de retour à la grande époque ! C’est vraiment du costaud, j’en suis dingue !

Jean-Philippe Renoult (France Culture):
Je vois qu’il secoue toujours autant le dancefloor, et qu’il fait aussi renaître quelques vieux démons indémodables en face B. Bravo.

Laurent Brondel (Statra):
Ta musique tue. N’oublie pas de m’envoyer le 12” quand il sort.

Maud (Scratch Massive):
J’adore ton maxi, vraiment bravo !

Steve Lhomme (TMFFTMR, Ux4):
J’adore ! J’ai « High Rise » dans la tête là. C’est bon ! Vive l’« Anarchie » !

Tampopo (Gigolo, Lasergun, Mil, Play’s Cool, ThrobDisk):
PUTAIN CE SINGLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C’est génial, j’adore les trois titres. Très rough, avec un côté crasse oldschool ahurissant. Well done Monsieur Christophe. 10000000000000000000 mercis pour ce somptueux single. Je suis fan.

C’est une bonne balle ! Sur la grande face un bon mélange qui tappe, original et un peu malsain-booty (une pincée de DJ Rush) avec la voix de la meuf et quand même barré. Tout ce que j’aime. Tu t’es mis au minimal avec succès sur ton track B2. C’est minimal sans être répétitif. La preuve que c’est possible.

Vix (Technopol, KABP):
Bravo pour les morceaux sur le CD-R, j’aime beaucoup !

The Micronauts “Sweat” (Micronautics TIC03)

1 • Sweat • 8:03 • 126 BPM
2 • Cinecitta (Minimale) • 5:55 • 130 BPM
3 • Cinecitta • 6:24 • 130 BPM
4 • Sweat (Relax Instrumental) • 6:41 • 126 BPM

Press release

Available on BandcampBeatportBoomkatiTunesJunoQobuzSoundCloudSpotifyWasabeatWhatPeoplePlay


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