Pray The Music : Video – Rituel “Nirvana Dance”



Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 7.40.38 Rituel , the house alliance formed by Christophe Monier from The Micronauts and Thomas Regnault from Dew Town Mayor recently released their new EP Deux Remixed , obviously showcasing remixes of this single. But also, they have shared this new music video of “Nirvana Dance” directed by Bruno Fontana who provides us a love story inside the Indian community in Paris.

Bruno explains about this video “After a poetic fight during which oyr hero, Tashi receives the support of the mythical king Rama, he then manages to touch the beautiful Mia’s heart.” He goes on further to add,”When I first listened to Nirvana Dance, I was immediately captivated by the Indian, spiritual atmosphere of the song. It felt obvious to relate a love story infused with Indian references. That’s why I imagined this modern romance, on a background of Hindu legends and passion for cricket.”

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