Rituel XXV @ Le Yono (Paris)


Vendredi 4 avril 2014 :

21:00-01:45 DJ sets de Dew Town Mayor et The Micronauts

Voici l’évènement Facebook (Facebook event).

Ma playlist :
$IROJ “Directions (New York New York) (Mike Mago Edit)” (2013)
ANTON LANSKI “To See a Rainbow Without You Is Like Not Seeing a Rainbow at All (Tvardovsky Pres. Nature Sun Remix)” (Dear Deer 2013)
D.O.P. “Oh Yeah (Murk Boys Mix)” (Guerilla 1992)
ALIAGA & FABIAN ARGOMEDO “Effe” (Nite Grooves 2014)
SONNY FODERA & ARI LOURDES “Everything You Want” (Cajual 2014)
GET CLOSER “My My My” (Emma Music 2013)
LARS MOSTON “Hi There” (Nervous 2014)
GRAPHICS “Sun, Sea And Sky” (Chasing Unicorns 2014)
LANE 8 Feat. PATRICK BAKER “The One (Original Mix)” (Anjunadeep 2014)
VIOLENT ROMANCE “Need Your Body” (Secret Life 2014)
LEGOWELT “Visions In My Mind” (Unknown To The Unknown 2013)
MANO LE TOUGH “Everything You’ve Done Before (Dixon Remix)” (Permanent Vacation 2013)
BORROWED IDENTITY “Dans la nuit” (Quintessentials 2013)
DUSKY “Careless” (Aus Music 2013)
CHRIS MALINCHAK “If U Got It (Joe Hertz Remix)” (Relentless 2014)
AUDIO JUNKIES “Pipeline (Original Mix)” (Lapsus Music 2014)
GARDENS OF GOD “Apnea” (Ellum Audio 2014)
THE CHEAPERS “Memories” (Upon You 2013)
HOWSON’S GROOVE “Body & Soul (Original mix)” (Chasing Unicorns 2014)
DODI PALESE “Cassini (Musumeci Remix)” (Engrave 2014)
SAMUEL DAN “Dirty People” (Akbal Music 2013)
BREACH “Jack” (Atlantic 2013)
FREESTYLERS Feat. LAURA STEEL “Falling (AfterHours Remix)” (Rub-A-Duck 2014)
LENA CULLEN “Timeless (Original Mix)” (Food Music 2014)
DANIEL STEINBERG “True Romance” (Arms & Legs 2013)



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