Purple Sneakers : Premiere – Rituel ‘Nirvana Dance’ (Official Video)


PREMIERE: Rituel ‘Nirvana Dance’ (Official Video)” by Hannah Galvin, for Purple Sneakers, 1 April 2014:

Not overly long ago, Paris house duo RITUEL released their second EP ‘Deux’. Featuring the tracks ‘Club Zanzibar’ and ‘Nirvana Dance’, the gents have just issued fans with a film clip to the latter’s radio edit.

A factor that makes the music of Rituel so wonderful is their ability of collating themes and traditions within their work that traverse from a variety of cultures around the world. Prevalent in ‘Nirvana Dance’, Rituel adopt the voice of Sanskrit, as the vocals are taken from a traditional Bhagavad Gita verse. Embodying a beautiful fragrance against the majestic instrumental wall, Rituel’s ‘Nirvana Dance’ has found a stunning visual companion.

Pertaining the track’s Indian identity, director Bruno Fontana and producers Ohlala Pictures have positioned an ordinary male, Tashi, and female, Mia, in a state of emotional attraction towards one another, riddled with an abundance of tension and resistance. With primary focus on the male counterpart, we see Tashi destined to his happiness when warmed by the presence of his co-worker. Further enhanced by the inviting colour tones of the lighting and filters, this temperament changes to a cold hue when he is not gilded by the one he longs to be with.

Stung by the guidance of Hindu deity Rama, the man leaves his burdens behind to finally be with the one he loves, as he finds the importance of spirituality over materialism. By fulfilling his joy, Mia is the premise of Tashi’s inner nirvana.

To accompany the release of Rituel’s new video, they’ve put together a mixtape entitled Spirituel Food that features the likes of Azari & III, Skream, Basement Jaxx and Crystal Fighters, alongside a few snippets of their own material and a whole lot of other artists.

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