Rituel – Nirvana Dance Video Directed By Bruno Fontana (Avant-première)


The video tells a love story inside the Indian community in Paris. After a poetic fight during which he receives support from Rama, the mythical king, Tashi manages to touch the heart of the beautiful Mia.

A few words from the director: “When I first listened to Nirvana Dance, I was immediately captivated by the Indian, spiritual atmosphere of the song. It felt obvious to relate a love story impregnated with Indian references. That’s why I imagined this modern romance, on a background of Hindu legends and passion for cricket.”

A few words from the band: “The vocals of the song are a verse in Sanskrit from the Bhagavad Gita (the central part of the epic Mahabharata, which was traditionally sung). It tells the triumph of spirituality over materialism, in a battle fought within each of us. Everyone is encouraged to follow his own heart, before any other considerations.”

Directed by Bruno Fontana
Produced by Ohlala Pictures

Jasmina Ana as Mia
Manick Jay as Tashi
Fabrice Danglades as Praneeth
Tristan Delus as Rama

Direction of photography: Martin Levent
Art direction: Aatish Basanta
Camera: Emmanuel Bernard
Steadicam: Max Allibert
Color grading and render: Jérémy Cingarlini
Costume: Anne Billette
Accessories: Isabelle Voisin
Make up: Marie Doiteau, Marie Gombeaud-Antoine, Ambreen Abdul
Casting: Aurore Broutin
Making of: Yannis Sainte-Rose, Sylvain Boyer

Arun, Dominique, Farheen, Faycal, Fréderic, Loïs, Lucky, Lydia, Mati, Noam, Punit

Thanks to:
Pankaj Arora (restaurant Aarchna)
Mr. Quillateau and Jacky Renault (stadium Jean Guimier)
Pierre-Jean Choquelle (corridor)

Rituel “Nirvana Dance (Radio Version)”
Produced and programmed by Rituel (Christophe Monier and Thomas Regnault). Composed by Christophe Monier (copyright control). From the EP “Deux”.

Press release

© 2014 Micronautics


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