Rituel “Deux Remixed” out today on Micronautics


Rituel “Deux Remixed” (Micronautics TIC11)

1 • Club Zanzibar (Shadow Dancer Nitedub) • 6:04 • 121 BPM
2 • Nirvana Dance (Donovans Remix) • 6:06 • 128 BPM
3 • Club Zanzibar (Koett Remix) • 6:30 • 123 BPM

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Available on 7digitalBandcampBeatportBoomkatDeezereMusiciTunesJunoMusicMeQobuzSoundCloudSpotifyStarzik.comStarzik.co.ukTracksourceWasabeatWhatPeoplePlayYouTubeZero”


Support from Erol Alkan, Busy P, Tensnake, Dubfire, Nick Catchdubs, Canblaster, Oliver Schories, Bebetta, Paul Nazca, Nihal, Acid Washed, Sovnger, KorgBrain, Punks Jump Up, Don Rimini, Les Petits Pilous, Cosmonauts, Blende, Kosmo, Cyril K, Roberto Rodriguez, Ewan Pearson, Tyree Cooper, Justin Robertson, Mekon, Chewy Chocolate Cookies, Penguin Prison, Round Table Knights, Moxie, UGLH, Louk, Repton, Xentrix, Das Fachpersonal, Turbo Turbo, Jen & Berry’s, Marc Ayats, DJ Paco, etc.

Acid Washed: 9/10

Bebetta: 3/5
Nirvana dance for me.


Chewy Chocolate Cookies:
SD remix is HOT!

Chris Glover (Penguin Prison):
I like the first track.

Cyril K: 8/10
Great one, thanks.

DJ Pierre:
Thanks man.

Don Rimini: 8/10
Donovans & Shadow Dancer are great.

Thank you!!

Erol Alkan: 6/10

Ewan Pearson: 8/10
Shadow Dancer remix is acid fabness. Thanks!

Justin Robertson:
Smashing remix

Très bel EP de remixes. Il y en aura pour tous les goûts dans le club Zanzibar. Fin, lourd & efficace !

Kosmos: 9/10
A top quality three tracker. Love it!

Les Petits Pilous: 8/10
Nice remixes pack! Shadow Dancer do it well as usual!

Nick Catchdubs:
Great remixers

Oliver Schories: 3/5
Schönes Stück. Danke sehr.

Paul Nazca: 6/10

Pedro Winter – Busy P:

Punks Jump Up (Joe):
Big tunes, love all 3 but Shadow’s remix and Donovans’ work best.

Ramon Tapia: 3/5
Will try.

Roberto Rodriguez: 8/10
Really nice party bangers. Will be spinning.

Love SD’s acidic version.

Tyree Cooper: 3/5

Alex Warren (Kiwi):
Like the Shadow Dancer one a lot.

Ben DJ (Bulex):

Ben Osborne (Noise of Art):
Great remixes all.

This is great all round!

Shadow Dancer’s take is a really funny one, but my favourite is Koett’s remix: what a stunning piece of work.

Chris Coco (Melodica):
Yep very cool, like all the tracks actually.

Solid vibes.

Craig Woodrow:
Pricked up my ears.

Danny (C90s):
Shadow Dancer is killer. Love the chords and energy of Donovans remix.

Dave Cosmonaut:
Cool stuff.

Koett remix is great. Thanks!

DJ Freddy Turner:
Whool this is so 90 Chicago love.

DJ Rocca:
Woaaah! every remix is great.

Enzo (Neo):
3 great tracks.

Felipe Sa:
Shadow Dancer Nitedub is superb!

Garry White:
Koett remix, doin it me!

Ian Taylor (Rejekts, Sankeys):
Nirvana Dance is bumping (Donovans Remix). Cheers.

Shadow Dancer mix for me. Nice to hear the flimsy acid imitations that saturated DJs’ inboxes not too long ago making way for producers with a proper understanding of how to craft the 303 sound and really make it s(w)ing.

Jeff Automatic (Club NME):
I’m going to send this to The Acid Horse – I think it’ll fit into his set brilliantly.

John Gosling (Mekon):
Club Zanzibar is the one for me.

Jonny Slut (NagNagNag):
Shadow Dancer mix is cool”

Jon Pleased Wimmin (Church Of High Kicks):

Lars Moston:
Really good 303 action!

Luke Stereo (Ghetto Funk – Fez Club):
Great release. Shadow Dancer mix is fantastic.

Really good EP, like all the remixes. Donovans favourite! Thanks for sending, will play some of them soon.

Marc Roberts (Snowbombing):
Shadow Dancer remix. Bosh! Goodnight!

Mike Theis (Gyrls, Paris):
Oulalalalaaaa le Shadow Dancer remix de Club Zanzibar ! FAT !!

Nice house tracks here, thanks.

Nathan Detroit:
Shadow Dancer for sure for me.

Neil Scot (Elektriks):
Likin the Koett mix. Heavy.

Philippe ‘Jo’ Eloy:
Top tracks.

Quincy Jointz:
Really good remix-package. Dig it.

Round Table Knights:
Donovans remix is the one!

Sean Johnston (A Love From Outer Space):

Severino (Horse Meat Disco):
Great Koett rmx.

Simon Singleton (Pure Groove):
Really digging the Shadow Dancer and Donovans remixes. Thanks.

Nice one!

Tim (Utah Saints):
Shadow Dancer Nitedub mix is a great mix. Totally got the Funk and the 303 always does it for me!! :-) Nice one and thanks for sending through.

3 excellent and quite diverse mixes, like em all :)

Tronik Youth:
Shadow Dancer mix for me. Great stuff.

Alex Wolf: 5/5
Track 1 For me! Awesome! Some acid <3

Crash Override: 10/10
The original version of this title was already very good, but Shadow Dancer managed to breathe it tones more acid than we would certainly have ever dared. I am going to make it turn in a loop.
Génial ce remix de Shadow Dancer. Le reste est vraiment bon aussi (celui de Donovans notamment).

German MT (Comolasgrecas): 10/10
Killer remixes, amazing acid with Shadow Dancer, magic Koett… Club vibes with Donovans.

Alexander Bien (electrosound.tv): 4/5
Nice one – will love to play! Downloading for electrosound.tv thank you!

Carl Adams: 4/5

Chef: 7/10
Loving Shadow Dancer mix, trippy acid house. The voices and TB get along well. Will play on Radio Paname for sure.

Claas Herrmann: 4/5
Track 2 for me, thanks!

Ed2000: 8/10
Feeling the deeper vibe. But always happy to get Rituel Deux to vibe on the floor with. Will offer for possible rotation plays and support in my sets.

Edgar de Ramon: 4/5
Nice one!! THANKS!!:)

Hardy Heller: 4/5
Koett Remix I do like… Thanks.

Huge-A: 8/10
Cool package, will try.

Jen & Berry’s: 4/5
Really sexy EP, everything well done! Thanks for download.

Laurent N.: 4/5
Koett remix is nice for me. Will play & SUPPORT.

Marcel Sareyka (Partysan Nord / Feierei.de): 4/5
Nice selection with a touch of retro.

Michael Otten (Soul Radio): 4/5
Koett Rmx is great!

Mozaic: 4/5
Shadow Dancer rmx is epic.

Nudisco: 4/5
Nice dub.

Repton: 4/5
Koett remix for me, thanks.

TBO (Bar Ourcq): 8/10
Very good new old school acid house!!!

UGLH: 4/5
Nice tracks thanks.

Marc Ayats: 4/5
Huge acid remix!!

Mike Burns: 7/10
Nice bit of acid on the Shadow Dancer rmx!

Bombilla: 3/5
The Nitedub version works well for me, thanks!

Catmer: 3/5
Good job

Das Fachpersonal: 3/5
Club Zanzibar made it! Thanks.

Datamatrix: 3/5
Koett Remix for me, thanx

Electro Atomu: 6/10
Good One.

Lars Neubert: 3/5
Koett Remix is nice. Thx.

Louk: 6/10
I like the Koett mix, deep and funky! Support for my earlier sets, could even drop this early in a techno one.

Lucio Malatoid: 3/5
Shadow Dancer yeah! will play this one a lot

Mark Deutsche & Musoé: 3/5
Koett Remix!!!

Matt Heize (Xentrix): 3/5
Cool track

Peabird: 3/5
Radioplay for sure!

Rich Vom Dorf: 3/5

Robert Grand (additan radio): 3/5
Nice remixes! Thank you

Seamus: 6/10
Great vibe on the remix. Full Support.

Sirio Gry J: 3/5
Nice work

Tsugi: 3/5
Cool mixes

DJ Mini: 4/10
Not bad !

DJ Paco:
Le remix de Shadow Dancer est dingue !!! je le joue direct au Showcase vendredi. J’aime bien le Donovans aussi. Super remixes.

Fred Vice:
Puissant le remix de Shadow Dancer !


Nihal (BBC Radio 1):
Love it and will be playing this on Radio 1 100%.

Alex Klimow (Pure FM Belgium):
Very good remixes, will play THEM.

Andre Langenfield (Fritz FM Berlin):
Will try the Donovans mix – thanks!

Bass Control (Ultra Music Festival, UMF Radio, Sirius XM:
I love the Shadow Dancer mix! Will be supporting for sure. This is a unique single and I am on it. Like…!

Boogie Mafia (Radio Poland):
I’m fan of Donovans sound and this one is brilliant remix. I will play it. I also like Shadow Dancer remix – good alternative to Donovans version. Awesome acid house. Very good release.

Danny-D (Housetime.FM / Clubtime.FM): 4/5
Nice work.

DJ Rim K (FM Brussel):
Nice mixes, Donovan’s rmx is my favorite :) Full support!!

Jason Eldredge (KCRW, East Village Radio):

Jason Pepperell:

Leri Ahel (Elektrana Radio):
Love all 3 tracks. Thanks.

Mr Spring (2fm):
Fine business…

Oleg Uris (Kiss FM Ukraine):
Nirvana Dance is very authentic and original. Will support. Thanks!

Paddy Freeform (Life FM):
Like the Koett remix and will splay on podcasts.

Q-Burns Abstract Message (Invisible Airwaves Radio Show):
Some cool sounds here […]

Richard (Mucho Bizarre – Campus FM Toulouse):
Voodoodism on the acid.

Snooba (Contrebande – Radio Panik): 8/10
Great adventure remix! Emo & Groovy!
Tout bon! In my Bag!

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