Music-Agogo : Rituel – Club Zanzibar (Official Video)


Rituel – Club Zanzibar (Official Video)” on Music-Agogo, Monday 30 September 2013:

From Paris with love.

“‘Club Zanzibar’ is as much a reference to the Tanzanian archipelago as it is to the eponymous nightclub, open during the 80s and located in Newark, New Jersey. Much like the Paradise Garage in Manhattan, Club Zanzibar is where the garage scene was invented and defined, but in an even freer and wilder form. Using some of the African music samples unearthed by the club’s DJs to pep up their sets, the Rituel track celebrates this freedom with a tribal and sensual groove, an anthemic chorus and a theremin finale that is viciously acidic.

The video tells a universal story. Five mysterious characters head to a secret place in the wild, to carry out a ritual. The enigmatic world in which they evolve shows the ruins of an industrial civilization where nature reclaimed its rights. The ritual takes the form of various dances, all with the same goal: enjoy, reach a state of trance, forget your ego, unite, love.”

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