AltSounds : Rituel Announce Music Video For ‘Club Zanzibar’


Rituel Announce Music Video For ‘Club Zanzibar’” by Jack Stovin for AltSounds, Tuesday 1 October 2013:

New EP ‘Deux Remix’ Released October 28 Via Micronautics

Rituel, the house alliance formed by Christophe Monier (The Micronauts) and Thomas Regnault (Dew Town Mayor), will release their new EP, ‘Deux Remixed’, via Micronautics this October. Showcasing remixes of the tracks from their recent EP, ‘Deux’; the duo have also launched a video of the song, ‘Club Zanzibar’. The lead track’s remixes come courtesy of Shadow Dancer (two Mancunians who are releasing records on Boysnoize and Bad Life) and Koett (a young upcoming deep and tech house producer from Russia). ‘Nirvana Dance’ is remixed by Donovans (hotly tipped Parisian producer who has released records on Citizen Records, Cheap Thrills, Blood Music, Turbo and who recently launched his own label, 11Heads).

The video was shot by Terrible Twins, two young upcoming female artists born in Lithuania, living and working in London. Their main work is to create and photograph characters in costumes and in surrounding sets. This music video is the first one they directed. It has been shot this summer in the wild and abandoned factories of Lithuania.

They explain, “The video tells a universal story. Five mysterious characters head to a secret place in the wild, to carry out a ritual. The enigmatic world in which they evolve shows the ruins of an industrial civilization where nature reclaimed its rights. The ritual takes the form of various dances, all with the same goal: enjoy, reach a state of trance, forget your ego, unite, love.”

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