The Digital Fix : Dirty Dancing – June 2013


Dirty Dancing: June 2013” by Phil Hatfield on The Digital Fix, Tuesday 6 June 2013:

Pity me, dear reader, for I am suffering from some fairly hideous sunburn at present—the result of assuming than humans can survive unscathed in temperatures higher than the average person’s bathwater. If, like me, you have been just as foolish and are in need of some relaxing indoor pursuits whilst you recover from varying degrees of sunstroke, you could do a lot worse than check out our electronic discoveries this month.

So kick back, turn the stereo system up to maximum and prepare to be entertained! […]

EP: Rituel – DEUX (Micronautics)

A cross of vaguely Aztec tribal influences and deep space exploratory sounds are married perfectly to form DEUX. A particularly energised brand of deep house, this will be a new sound to many, and if you are into your house in a big way, or are just nurturing an interest, this will be something of an education. Perfect for those euphoric, sweaty Ibiza nights, the overall feeling screams lasers and dry ice, and there are plenty of put-your-hands-up moments to enjoy.

In addition to the three main tracks, there are radio edits and numerous instrumentals to play with included in the EP. No remixes however, but perhaps providing instrumentals is Rituel’s way of saying ‘that’s up to you?’


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