Shout4Music : Top 10 Free Downloads of the Week – 14/05/2013


Top 10 Free Downloads of the Week – 14/05/2013” by Kyle McCormick for Shout4Music, Tuesday 14 May 2013:

I have two exams in the next two days—so I’ll keep it short and sweet, and wish me luck.

In more positive news, those are my last two exams of this year, and hence as your dedicated Features Editor I shall endeavour over the coming months of freedom to bring you even more features. In the form of the usual interviews/Q&As, free downloads and perhaps a few new things I have in mind. So keep your eyes open for that, and enjoy some free music in the meantime.

Finally, much like our Music Editor encourages submission of new music; if you bagged a track for free and think the rest of the world oughta know, or if you’re an artist/band member that wants your track shared out, just sent the link/file to me at

Marmozets – ‘Born Young and Free’ […]

Animist – ‘Tin Head (Metaphi Remix)’ […]

The French Electric – ‘Pharaoh’ […]

Wax Idols – ‘Sound of a Void’ […]

Transplants – ‘In A Warzone’ […]

Brother JT – ‘Somebody Down There’ […]

Rituel – ‘Club Zanzibar (Extended Instrumental)’

Extended means extended, for this 520 second epic. Building up in stages from something in an early Spielberg film to a flourishing techno masterpiece; from the EP with the slightly dubious artwork, ‘Deux’, which is unsurprisingly their second. It is a two track effort, and out on Micronautics at the end of this month.

Vision Fortune – ‘XX’ […]

Jon Kennedy – ‘Tonto Rides The Gain’ […]

Cattle & Cane – ‘I Will Rise’ […]

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