Hit The Floor Magazine : Review Rituel – Deux


Review: Rituel – Deux” by Sean Cloherty for Hit The Floor Magazine, Wednesday 29 May 2013:

Artist: Rituel
Release: Deux EP
Release Date: 27th May 2013

Electronic act ‘Rituel’, made up of French duo Christophe Monier (The Micronauts) and Thomas Regnault (Dew Town Mayor), today released their second EP, appropriately titled ‘Deux’. The critically acclaimed act found success after releasing their first EP (‘Un’), and a plethora of appraisal from fellow DJ’s and music critics on their DJing skills and podcasts.

The EP consists of two brand new tracks entitled ‘Club Zanzibar’ and ‘Nirvana Dance’. The first thing I noticed about the EP was the diversity in inspiration; blends of Trance, House and Trip Hop go hand in hand with the beautiful ‘world music’ vocal samples from African and Indian subcontinents.

The duo have confirmed that their inspiration stems from classic House and Garage tunes, as well as the latest electronic alterations in Deep House and Dubstep. It certainly shows too; ‘Deux’, much like ‘Un’, is comprised of two long hypnotic tracks that seem to pick and choose the best from each electronic sub-genre from the past two decades.

‘Club Zanzibar’ is said to be “as much a reference to the Tanzanian archipelago as it is to the eponymous nightclub, open during the 80’s and located in Newark, New Jersey, where Tony Humphries, François Kervokian or Tee Scott were known to deejay.” The track begins with a trippy synth intro, which is soon accompanied by thumping drums and heavy bass lines, before African vocal samples are faultlessly integrated. The track is a celebration of freedom: perfectly ordered drum, bass and synth patterns blended with a tribal and sensual groove that give it a raw and almost animalistic atmosphere.

As great a track as ‘Club Zanzibar’ is, ‘Nirvana Dance’ has to be the highlight of this EP: the catchy House hook slowly transforms into a booming Trance-like floor filler, breaks down into a passionate Dubstep crescendo soaked in gorgeous Indian vocals, before completing the full cycle and seamlessly merging all three genres into one moving finale.

The main message to get across is that this EP is a celebration of electronic music from every culture and sub genre over the past twenty years; acid house bass lines go hand in hand with addictive Deep House hooks, hypnotic Trance synths blending with heavy Dubstep breakdowns. Much like the first EP, this is an emotional piece of art, and we can only cross our fingers and hope to see an album within the next few years. Anyone who claims to enjoy electronic music needs to hear this masterpiece as soon as possible.


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