Rituel “Deux” out today on Micronautics


Rituel “Deux” (Micronautics TIC10)

1 • Club Zanzibar • 8:41 • 118.5 BPM
2 • Nirvana Dance • 9:45 • 122.5-140-122.5 BPM
3 • Club Zanzibar (Radio Version) • 3:43 • 118.5 BPM
4 • Nirvana Dance (Radio Version) • 3:37 • 140-122.5 BPM
5 • Nirvana Dance (Club Version) • 8:20 • 122.5-140-122.5 BPM
6 • Club Zanzibar (Instrumental) • 4:03 • 118.5 BPM
7 • Nirvana Dance (Instrumental) • 8:20 • 122.5-140-122.5 BPM

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#1 BBC Radio 1 Nihal “The Best Of 2013” 18/12/2013
#1 BBC Radio 1Xtra Nihal 08/01/2014
#14 BBC Radio 1XTra Nihal 12/06/2013
#15 BBC Radio 1 Nihal “DJ Harpz With New Music” 05/06/2013
#7 BBC Radio 1XTra Nihal 29/05/2013
#3 BBC Radio 1XTra Nihal 22/05/2013
#8 BBC Radio 1 Nihal “Raxstar & Dream Warriors” 22/05/2013
#3 BBC Radio 1 Nihal “Imran Khan, Asim Azhar & Naughty Boy!” 15/05/2013
#25 BBC Radio 1Xtra Nihal 15/05/2013
#26 BBC Radio 1 Nihal “Mic Righteous & Lost Souljah Burban In The Booth” 08/05/2013
#2 BBC Asian Network Yasser “Future Beats Generator” 31/05/2013
#9 BLN.FM “Matruschkas Tea­time #40” 29/05/2013
#5 DMC Zzub Chart 14/06/2013
#5 DMC Zzub Chart 06/06/2013
#7 DMC Zzub Chart 24/05/2013
#8 DMC Zzub Chart 17/05/2013
#22 DMC Zzub Chart 10/05/2013
#1 Le Sous-marin “In The Box” 19/05/2013
#3 Wavo “Deep House Chart” 07/05/2013
#6 Toute la culture “Playlist de la semaine” 25/05/2013
#7 Shout4Music “Top 10 Free Downloads of the Week” 14/05/2013
#7 Faronheit “Pick Your Poison” 09/05/2013
#8 The Digital Fix “Dirty Dancing: June 2013” 06/06/2013
Reddit|HOUSE 29/05/2013
Deep House Sounds YouTube Channel 27/05/2013
Chic & Zic YouTube Channel 29/05/2013
Additan Radio 01/05/2013
#3 Kanthos “E Is For Entertainment (Vol. 1)” 04/06/2013
#3 Oh!Live “trippy” 04/2013
#4 Bernarda Palic “TomTom” 17/05/2013
#5 Imrel “MAI” 05/2013
#13 Imrel “AVRIL” 04/2013


Support from Tensnake, Nick Warren, Andy Cato (Groove Armada), Alexander Robotnick, Slam, Meat Katie, Nick Catchdubs, Horse Meat Disco, Sister Bliss, Ewan Pearson, Richard Dorfmeister, Joost van Bellen, Nihal, Stuart Millar, BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, BLN.FM, Jason Eldredge, Oleg Uris, DJ Fra Soler, Jerry Bouthier, Populette, Mousse T, Shadow Dancer, Acid Washed, Punks Jump Up, Villanova, Donovans, The Penelopes, Catalepsia, Cosmonauts, David Carretta, Disastronaut, DPPLGNGRS, Jokers of The Scene, Romain BNO, Sean Johnston (A Love From Outer Space), DJ Morpheus, Korgbrain, David Ducaruge, German MT, Huge-A, La Doublure, Rulers Of The Deep, WUMM, Colin Peters, Zinc, DJ Mini, Christian Homan, Leonard de Leonard, Ben DJ, DJ Angel, DJ Freddy Turner, Kosmos, DJ Rocca, Cyril K, Manuel-M, Guido Minisky, Hardrock Striker, Jean-Marie K, Syndicat Du Hype, Douze, Kanthos, Sofa Tunes, etc.

Alexander Robotnick: 4/5
Good to listen to Indian vibes again.

Andy Cato (Groove Armada):

Ewan Pearson:
Like Club Zanzibar a lot.

Meat Katie: 5/5
Club Zanzibar is wicked!!!

Nick Catchdubs (Fools Gold):
Great samples + vibe.

Nick Warren:
Club Zanzibar is pure balearic heaven, full support from me.

Severino (Horse Meat Disco):
Very good indeed. Both are BOMBS.

Sister Bliss
Nice genre bending music.

Slam (Orde Meikle): 4/5
Nice trax—will try out thanx.

Nice African influence, sweet deep house.

DJ Fra Soler (Ferenc): 4/5
Brilliant record! Full support.

Jerry Bouthier: 4/5
Appolonia… Nice one Christophe, supporting.

Joost van Bellen:
Very very very nice. Love both tracks. Will surely play this lots.
Played Club Zanzibar a few days ago for 6K people as an opening track, and it worked big time. It really worked great, so epic and huge when played out on a big system, but works for small rooms too. Love it.

Max Pask (Populette): 4/5

Mousse T:
Nice 1.

Richard Dorfmeister:
Excellent groove…

Shadow Dancer: 5/5
Another hit from Rituel! ‘Club Zanzibar’ is, much like their previous work, beautifully paced and epic in scale. 9 minutes you can truly lose yourself in. Much love from us!

Acid Washed: 5/5

David Ducaruge (Los Massieras, Discos Capablanca): 5/5

DJ Paco (Open House): 5/5
The Instrumental of Club Zanzibar is an absolute killer! Great work. Thanks.

DJ Skyjacker: 5/5
Nirvana Dance is the one for me! Loving the chants and the acid bassline.

German MT (Comolasgrecas): 5/5
Yeah!!! Club Zanzibar is amazing, great tribal and chorus on track, perfect fly… Nirvana Dance is killer track. Rituel, surprising at every new track.

Huge-A: 5/5
Good stuff, thanks!

Michaël Amzalag (La Doublure): 5/5
Lovely use of that Yemaya sample, spot on with the current 90s nostalgia.

Rulers Of The Deep: 5/5
Club Zanzibar is just outstanding killer! Thanks!

Villanova: 5/5
Nice tribal atmosphere on Club Zanzibar! Will test the instrumental! Thxxx

Nirvana Dance (Radio Version) in loop in my ears! Your best track.

The Penelopes:
We think it’s sonically on TOP. Hyper neat job on the frequencies, pans, etc. In fact, we like a lot the Afro concept… It’s tastefully done… We were very surprised in a good way… We’ll play Zanzibar in our DJ sets… Nirvana is more complex and also super interesting… What we like is the laboratory side of the tracks. Techno has become boring and is definitely no longer the avant-garde, your EP is really interesting in this sense. This is the best techno record we’ve heard for 1 year.

Catalepsia (Days Of Being Wild):
Club Zanzibar is super cool. Will try.


David Carretta


Strong!! Full support from us ;)

Jokers of The Scene:
Club Zanzibar for us!

Punks Jump Up (David):
Great release! Club Zanzibar is great but Nirvana Dance does it for me, love the mix between contemporary jack club dance and the beautiful “world music” vocal samples. Will support. Loved The Micronauts since the 90’s, “The Jag” & the Micronauts remix of “Block Rockin Beats” is a classic!

Romain BNO:
The sample of Club Zanzibar give me a lot of teenage memory. Big classic and well done remade. Like it a lot.

Sean Johnston (A Love From Outer Space):
OMFG!!! KILLER—in the game this weekend. Best thing this year!

Alex Warren (KIWI, Bugged Out):
Like the Club Zanzibar instrumental, definite floor filler.

Antz Bryans (Aura):
Love the drums

Avni Ertepe (Klup Kulah):
Really nice works that pleasure to listen.

Ben DJ (Bulex):
Very good Club Zanzibar… Thanks!

Ch!co (FBB, Lockside Lounge):

Christian Homan (Lost Society, RTE Pulse):
All mixes working… Club mixes on both working best for me.

Colin Peters (Ibiza Rocks, Space):
I like Club Zanzibar because of the that Apolonao sample that I haven’t heard for 20 years!

Dan Lywood (Burberry, Playlister):
Love that vocal sample and great energy.

DJ Angel:
I like Club Zanzibar; love that vocal very uplifting.

DJ Dunwich:
Loved Club Zanzibar! Will play it :)

DJ Freddy Turner:
Big tune feel the floor.

DJ Mini:
Original! Heavy hitter!

DJ TakisM:

DJ Vela:
Brilliant! Will feature one of the trax (probably #1) in the next radio show. And play them in my sets :)

Eric Shans (Phenotract):
Very nice work!

Garry White (The Dancing Jug):
Is progressive house about to come out of hibernation?? Always liked the Sasha, Apalonia track which used this Vocal!

Guy Williams (Black Rabbit):
Club Zanzibar is nice.

Iain Taylor (Rejekt, Sankeys, Space):
Chunky as fuck! Me likey!

Kristina Lalic:
Club Zanzibar is my fav has that summer vibe and good vocal, thanx for the music <3

Luke Stereo (Ghetto Funk, Fez Club):
Great production. Will go down well at festivals.

Club Zanzibar is quite good for me, I think I will try it! Thanks for sending!

Manuel-M (Deep Movements):
Wow !

Marques Wyatt (Vanguard)

Michael Paterson (Colours):
Cool vibe on this.

Nick Madge (Oceana):
Takes a while to get there but when it does it is very good. Like this a lot. Will play & support.

Paul Hutchinson (Chibuku, Discoteca Poca, Shipping Forecast):
Club Zanzibar taking me back to the annexe in cream mid 90s :). Great track

Philippe ‘Jo’ Eloy:
Very good.

Quincy Jointz:
Nice Dance Music.

Rusty B (Funk Weapons, Alexandria):
Props for something unique here, will have to see how this plays out.

Scott D’Souza:
Cool! Thx for sending…

Stephen Jenkins (Cherry Jam):
It’s got the vocal sample from “Apollonia”—I used to LOVE that track!! Tribal drums, a pounding bassline, extended breakdown, acidic groove & a 90s New York vibe—I don’t think this record could be any more up my strassa! Nirvana Dance is also very good, and I like the way it pounds on.

Tim Faberge:
Top stuff in the box.

Crush on both Club Zanzibar main and instrumental version.

Gonna d/l and check loud, thx for sending.

Alexander Bien (Electrosound.tv): 4/5
Solid release! Downloading for electrosound.tv… Thx.

Bebetta (DAMM Records, Tresor): 4/5
Hands up!

Datamatrix (Cosa Nostra, Unbrokenbeat, Carmarage): 4/5
Good produced release, thanx.

DJ Rocca: 4/5
Club Zanzibar instrumental is ace.

Douze: 4/5
Really like Club Zanzibar, nice track! Thanks for the promo.

Ed2000 (Dangerous Drums, BLN.FM): 4/5
Downloading for my DJ sets, BLN.FM shows and reviews, and several lounge sessions monthly… Many thanks, all trax will receive max support!

Guido Minisky (Acid Arab): 4/5
Zanzibar, diablement efficace. Nirvana, joliment suranné. Soit une moyenne dans les étoiles, beaucoup de kif et des sourires. Merci.

Horny Dope: 4/5
Very sexual track!

Jalapeno Records: 4/5
Club Zanzibar is nice, thanks.

Kosmos (Tracy, Nitsa): 4/5
Retrofuturistic greatness! Love it!

Moussa Clarke (DJ Moose): 4/5
Cool tracks! Supporting :-)

Sven Love: 4/5
Excellent classy production, reminiscent of early deep house music. I'm particularly fond of the Club Zanzibar track, but the Nirvana Dance is very efficient too. Dancefloor madness for sure!

Cyril K: 7/10
Nice work, I play Club Zanzibar mix and I feel the sun coming ;) Thanks.

DJ Morpheus: 3/5
I like the radio versions of Club Z. and Nirvana Dance… Those mixtures of bollywood vocals are fun! Will play.

Hardrock Striker: 3/5
Cool track, Zanzibar! Thx.

Jean-Marie K: 3/5
Nice tracks. Support.

Leonard de Leonard: 3/5
I’ll test it on club.

Nudisco: 3/5
The instr.!

PRO7: 3/5
I Love Nirvana…

Sofa Tunes (Plastic City): 3/5
Nice… Thx.

Tsugi Magazine: 3/5
Nice EP tx

Nirvana Dance (Radio Version) en boucle dans mes oreilles ! Votre meilleur track.

The Penelopes:
On trouve ça soniquement au TOP… Hyper recherché en terme de travail sur les frequences, panoramiques, etc. On aime bcp le concept Afro en fait… C’est « tastefully done »… On a été tres étonnés dans le bon sens… Je pense qu’on peut même jouer Zanzibar dans nos sets DJ… Nirvana est un peu plus complexe et aussi super intéressant… Ce qui nous intéresse, c’est le coté laboratoire des morceaux… La techno étant devenu chiante et n’étant definitivement plus l’avant-garde, votre maxi est en ce sens super intéressant. C’est le meilleur disque techno qu’on a entendu depuis 1 an.

J’adore le nouveau Rituel et l’esprit très “ethnic voice”.

Fred Vice:
Putain le groove !

Greg Pezard:
Bien chanmé le Club Zanzibar !

Guillaume Heuguet (Redhotcar):
Le parti pris dance de hippy, ambiance début 90s est original (…).

Kanthos (FTW):
Hyper bien le nouvel EP ! New dope by Rituel. On repeat.

Bravo ! Il est mortel cet EP ! Beau mélange d'influences ! Très bien produit.

Rosario Ligammari (Gonzaï):
Ptain il est génial cet EP !!!!!

Thierry Théolier (Syndicat Du Hype): Ça me plaît toujours pour les mêmes raisons : extatique.
Et le son bordel il est très pur. Pas un millième de souffle ou de grain c’est fascinant.

Merci pour tes envois, j’ai tes morceaux pour les jouer au Rosa Bonheur.


Nihal (BBC Radio 1):
Such a strong track. 8 mins of evolving eastern vibeness.

Jason Eldredge (KCRW, East Village Radio):
Club Zanzibar is a real treat.

Stuart Millar (BBC Radio 1, RTE):
That Nirvana Dance track is amazing.

Makossa (FM4 Austria):
Nice 90s feeling.

DJ Rim K (FM Brussel):
Club Zanzibar (Instrumental) rocks for me :) Full support!

Oleg Uris (Kiss FM):
Vocals are massive, groove is unstoppable. Will support and present in my radio show. Thanks!

Alex Klimow (Pure FM):
Good work, will test.

Leri Ahel (Elektrana Radio):
Original version of “Club Zanzibar” is the one for me. Solid release.

Richard (Mucho Bizarre, Campus FM Toulouse):
Cool house anthems.

Tommy Yamaha (Wildstyle, 3 Radio):
Will try to put on my radio show.

Frank McWeeny (French Toast Radio Show):
Loving the frenchness ;)

Ben Ervine (NSB, Brap, SWU):
Loving this.

Mike Stukes (WHCR 90.3FM):
Quite interesting… But nice :O)

Gareth Rees (Spark FM):
Great stuff!!

Mario Cotto (KCRW): 4/5
Club Zanzibar’s combination 90s house and deep forest vibes make for perfect bedfellows… Niiiiice.

David Blot (Radio Nova): 4/5
Have to DL to listen, thanks.

Robert Grand (Additan): 4/5
Great! Thank you.

Snooba (Contrebande, Radio Panik): 3/5
Subtil mélange !

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