Le Yono (Paris)


Thomas Regnault, alias Dew Town Mayor et moitié de Rituel, fête son anniversaire ce soir, de 21h à 1h45 au Yono.

DJs : Dinamics, Donovans, OneSquareMeter et The Micronauts

Ma Playlist :
USHER “Climax” (RCA 2012)
AN-TEN-NAE “Come On” (Muti Music 2012)
BIG CHOCOLATE “Blue Milk (Original Mix)” (Flab Slab 2012)
RITUEL “Club Zanzibar (demo)” (Micronautics 2013)
SHARAM JEY “Like Nobody Does” (Off 2012)
MIGUEL PUENTE “Something Going On” (Akbal Music 2012)
FABO Feat. ISHMAEL “I Know Wt We Can Du” (Nurvous 2012)
VIADRINA “Spellbound” (Lower East 2012)

MICHAEL JACKSON “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” (Epic 1979)
RITUEL “Nirvana Dance (demo)” (Micronautics 2013)
JUSTIN JAY “Everything” (Southern Fried 2013)



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