Acid Ted : Re-Released Classic – The Jag By The Micronauts


RE-RELEASED CLASSIC: The Jag by The Micronauts” on Acid Ted, Sunday 2 December 2012. Reblogged on Eat Yo Beats and Elbows Music Blog.

Download The Micronauts – The Jag (2012 Remaster): mp3/aif/wav 24-bit



The Jag was released by the Micronauts in 1999 and was raved about by the music press. It’s a cold electro track that runs for about 10 minutes. The Micronauts have remastered and re-released the track on Bandcamp.

The Micronauts were George Issakidis and Christophe Monier until 2000, when George left. Christophe has continued the venture since (more here). I was never particularly a fan of The Jag and was rather rude about the track back here, quite what I was doing with the franglais is anyone’s guess. The remastering adds some additional funk and warmth or I’ve mellowed. I’m still not a massive fan but neither do I dislike it in the way I did then.

And here’s the Speedy J mix from the original release

Blurb: Long awaited remastering of this classic song by The Micronauts, originally released in 1999 on Science in the UK.


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