Impulsion “The Higher Trip EP” out today on Micronautics, with DJ Pierre and Kings Of Tomorrow remixes


Impulsion “The Higher Trip EP” (Micronautics TIC09)

1 • The Trip (DJ Pierre Remix) • 15:39 • 127 BPM
2 • Higher (Kings Of Tomorrow Ghetto Mix) • 6:45 • 119.926 BPM
3 • Higher (Kings Of Tomorrow Sanjay Dub) • 6:58 • 119.926 BPM
4 • ’ouse Musiq • 6:29 • 122.9 BPM

Press releaseCommuniqué de presse

Available on”

CHARTED: (updated)

#2 TrackItDown “One For The Weekend” chart 29/11/2012
#3 DMC Zzub Chart 16/11/2012
#3 DMC Zzub Chart 22/11/2012
#7 DMC Zzub Chart 03/12/2012
#5 Electronic Beats On Our Radar 25/11/2012
#6 Zyva La Banane de la semaine #10 19/11/2012
#8 Beatport “Rituel Late Autumn 2012 Chart
#8 Resident Advisor “Rituel November 2012 Top 10


Support from Optimo, M.A.N.D.Y., Agoria, Luciano, Oliver $, Dubfire, UMEK, Len Faki, Wehbba, Russ Gabriel, Tyree Cooper, Slam, DJ Deep, Trickski, Dole And Kom, Alex Payne, Alvin C, Rocky, Acid Washed, diskJokke, Nikola Gala, Skatebård, Shadow Dancer, Donovans, Crackboy, Chef, Greg Gauthier, Jean Nipon, Jef K, David Blot, Jean-Marie K, Laurent Fétis, Llorca, DJ Fra Soler, DJ Morpheus, Dean Newton, Crowdpleaser, Timo Garcia, Ascii Disko, Compact Grey, Dan Drastic, Satoshi Fumi, Kristina Lalic, Nudisco, Mozaic, UGLH, Wasabi, Kosmos, Douze, Benjamin Vial, German MT, Rituel, etc.

Acid Washed: 5/5
Trippy nice one! DJ Pierre made it KILLA!!!!!!!

Agoria (InFine): 3/5
Wou, what a classic record

David Blot (Radio Nova): 4/5
Have to dl to listen. Looks promising.
… Juste pour info je diffuse le remix de KOT ce week end à la radio. J’adore le concept du maxi avec remixes supra house de Pierre et KOT ! :)

Dean Newton (Subliminal, CR2, Luvely): 5/5
Great release! Love all 4

diskJokke (Sunkissed, Oslo): 4/5
Nice house groove

DJ Deep (Deeply Rooted House):
Nice mixes!

DJ Fra Soler (Nitsa Club Barcelona, Kompakt): 5/5

Donovans (11Heads): 3/5
Le DJ Pierre Remix est vraiment cool ! Et le ‘ouse Musiq aussi !

Dubfire (SCI+TEC): 5/5
Downloading for Dubfire. Thanks!

Greg Gauthier (Cheers, The Djoon Experience):
Merci ! j’aime bcp les remix de KOT ! Effectivement un gros pied et une bonne basse ça fait du bien de temps en temps aussi ! Je les jouerais avec plaisir.

JD Twitch (Optimo, Glasgow): 4/5
The kind of 90s house I like as it’s genuinely from then! Hot mixes are always cool.

Jef K: 9/10
Hey thanks for sending this again was playing this a lot in the 90’s… Got the vinyl somewhere ;) Anyway will play it again for sure the KOT remix is a TUUUNNEE!! ;) Thanks a lot

Len Faki: 4/5
Love the Sanjay Dub!

Llorca (Art Of Tones): 5/5
Higher was one of my favourite tracks years ago, so this digital release is a real treat for me. Lovin the dub as well!

Luciano (Cadenza): 3/5
Thanks for the music! L

M.A.N.D.Y. (Get Physical Music): 4/5
Will download. Thank you for good music!

Nikola Gala (Rekids, Ibadan Records, Freerange Records, Plastic City): 4/5
Nice package! Thanks.

Oliver $: 6/10
Nice package play out fo sho!

Russ Gabriel: 9/10
Kings of Tomorrow still Rockin’ it. Good stuff!!!

Skatebård (Digitalo, Norway): 4/5

Slam – Orde Meikle (Soma): 4/5
Nice trax – Will try out thanx guys

Timo Garcia:
Love the classic house vibe, thanks

Trickski: 8/10
Great old school vibe here. H.O.U.S.E.

Tyree Cooper (Supa Dupa Rec.,,, 4/5
I’m feelin the King Of Tomorrow Ghetto Mix!!!!…

UMEK: 4/5
Downloading. Thanks. Check Behind The Iron Curtain for Support!

Wehbba: 8/10
Great EP

Avni Ertepe (Istanbul): 5/5

Blackjoy (Lucien Entertainment, Paris): 5/5
KOT rules for me

David Tzschentke (N8-Falter Mag Frankfurt, Sucre Recordings): 5/5
Wild pitch in da house!

Dew Town Mayor: 5/5
CLASSIC yet today-sounding tracks here! Love ‘ouse Musiq and master DJ Pierre’s mix!

DJ Paco (Open House): 5/5
Killer!! Les remixes de KOT sont énormes, j’avais oublié.

D. Kowalski (Lux23, Liquid Inc., CatsLoveBass): 5/5
Wow! Amazing EP! Thanks!

Douze: 5/5
This release sent me way back in time! Wish I could hear more of this real & true sound nowadays… Perfect package, actually couldn’t pick a favorite.

George P (Diaphan, Deep Series): 5/5
Very nice release. Thats house music. Thanks for sharing

German MT (Comolasgrecas, Barcelona): 5/5
Amazing 15 minutes from DJ Pierre!!!!!! Great, a bomb called ‘ouse Musiq!!!!

Homebase (Beatwax, Criminal Records, Was Kids Records, Zoom Club, Rakete Nbg): 5/5
Superbe EP!!

Kristina Lalic:
Thanx for the tracks. Great stuff love them.

Laurent Fétis: 5/5
‘ouse Musiq is still amazing

Manu Casana (Rave Age Records):
J’adore le remix de DJ Pierre, well done Christophe, ce petit maxi est très bon, j’espère qu’il va marcher car ce sont des remix de qualités, bises.

Matzig (Jah Acid Dub): 5/5
Very well charged ;-) Party time…

Nudisco (Yellow Tail, Takt, Great Stuff): 5/5
So much quality on one release! BIG

Steve Parry (Juice FM): 5/5
Pierre mix is great, cool slammin disco. KOT dub is great!

Tobi Danton (Sudwerk, Zapata, Climax): 5/5
Love it

Zombie Prince – Frédéric Gien (Police Records): 5/5
Wouaouh, a re-issue of a classic I already had in vinyl. Full support from the Police Records crew. Hard to set a favorite, the DJ Pierre is huge, the KOT are house classics. Special mention to the 808 style of ‘ouse Musiq under acid!

Alexander Bien ( 4/5
Nice ones there! Downloading for Thank you

Alex Payne (Cicada): 7/10

Al Mackenzie (Move, Dancing Bear, D:Ream): 4/5
DJ Pierre all the way.

Alvin C (ASBO, The Lock Tavern, Fabric, Stealth): 4/5
What a great EP. Two heavyweight remixers and some ’Ouse Music. The DJ Pierre remix is out of this word. Proper Wild Pitch. Kings Of Tomorrow Ghetto Mix is gold for the deep house heads and I really like `Ouse Musiq. Thanks x

Ascii Disko: 4/5
Old skool!

Benjamin Vial (Death Proof, Circuit Freq, Plasmapool): 4/5
All over the DJ Pierre remix. 15 minutes of guilty pleasure. Thanks

Chef: 4/5
Loved it already in the 90s, nice to have those tracks back. K.O.T. Sanjay dub for us!

Compact Grey (Gris Musique, Klang Gymnastik, Definition Records, Dusted Decks, Echo Booking, Club Bellevue Luebben): 4/5
Great house music!!!

Crackboy (Krikor): 4/5
Back In Time! This is nice

Dan Drastic (Moon Harbour, Distillery): 4/5
Very cool classic House EP. Love it.

Danny-D (Housetime.FM, Clubtime.FM): 4/5
Nice work @ all. Love this funky **it

David Keno (Kindisch, Morris Audio, Hi Freaks, Keno Records): 4/5
Cool release.

DeepGroove Radio: 4/5
100% support!

DJ Ais-T (The Music People, Basso Radio, Helsinki: 4/5
LOVING THE DJ PIERRE REMIX!! Full support on my radio show + gigs. 2nd favourite is KOT Ghetto Mix. Great stuff.

DJ Misk (Radio AltroVerso, Rome): 4/5
Playlist in AltroVerso radio

DJ Morpheus: 4/5
I like the back to the old school rmx by DJ Pierre of The Trip and my favourite one is ‘ouse Musiq, its fresh and now! Will play!

DJ Rocca (Ajello, Supersonic Lovers, Crimea X): 4/5
Nice housey tracks collection. All the remixes are fine, thanks

DJ Shu-ma: 4/5
Nice Work!!!

Dole And Kom (Death by Disco, Tresor): 4/5
Sounds like ’90s, Baby! But in a very good way. Like it!

Giuliano A.L. (Hotel Es Vive’, Cafe Del Mar, Kama Sushi, Ibiza): 4/5
Nice Track I like the groove in it

Howard & Stereo: 4/5
:-) will be played for sure, thanx for the mood

Jean Nipon: 4/5
House nation!

JL Salvatella (Disciple Of Groove): 4/5
Great work! Very complete. My fav KOT dub, very groovy, I’ll play it for sure

Kosmos (Nitsa, Boombox): 4/5
Pure class!!!

Laurent N. (LCR, Electropical Records): 4/5
Nice House Release. A good original track with nice remixes by famous producers. Will play & SUPPORT!!!

Lex (Quantized Music): 4/5
Feeling both Kings Of Tomorrow mixes, thanks!!!

Lonya Koval (Asymmetric Recordings): 4/5
Real House vibes here, superb

Louk: 4/5
Remix of the Trip is fucking huge… Love it!! Miss this kind of stuff… KOT mix is beast as well!

Marcel Sareyka (Partysan Nord, 4/5
Great Housebomb, awesome!

Mark Jackus (CusCus Music, 4/5
Wicked stuff!

Matt Heize (Ion Music, Pushit Records, Recode Music): 4/5
Fresh and old school remix from Pierre for me ! Brilliant

Mozaic (Travieso): 4/5
As solid as the remixes are, I think my favorite is the original tune :)

OneSquareMeter: 9/10
Nice Housy vibes here!

Renato Cohen (Sino, Popero): 4/5
Nice EP. Great remixes!!

Rich Vom Dorf (Rennbahn Records, Gans Oder Kranich): 4/5
Track 1 is a BOMB

Rocky (X-Press 2): 4/5
’ouse Musiq is the one.

Satoshi Fumi (Klik, Plastic City, Urbantorque, Apt. International): 4/5
Love ‘ouse Musiq :)

Serge Snooba (Radio Panik, Rif Raf Magazine, Contrebande radio show): 4/5
90’s mood – great garage tracks

Shadow Dancer: 4/5
‘ouse Musiq all night long! Clattering NY beats, soulful pads, a superb 90s feel. Love it.

Stug – Bart van Rijn (Xt3radio): 4/5
Nice release ! Thanx for download Grtzzz

Strakes: 7/10
Great to hear some classic KOT

The Evilest Tom: 4/5
The DJ Pierre mix is boss

TBO (Bar Ourcq): 4/5
Good taste of 90s!!… But good for ever!

UGLH (8Bit, Supernature, Catwash, Noir, Caramella): 4/5
Nice tracks. DJ Pierre rmx my fav… Thanks

Wasabi: 8/10
Thanks for sending! Nice Package!

Whose Haus?: 7/10
Thanks for sharing, ‘ouse Musiq has some cool tek-pads floating around in it.

Aden Mullens (Ministry Of Sound Australia): 3/5
Wow. this is dope.

Alex Rath (Suena Hermosa, Meleon Music): 3/5
DJ Pierre remix is cool

Angel Molina (Loft): 3/5
Nice 90’s house, although not what I play. Thanks anyway.

Catastrophic (Tunnel FM Sweden) (radio): 3/5
Cool package, thanks ;)

Crowdpleaser (Shark, Flush): 3/5
DJ Pierre remix for me, wav please! Killa tune!

Dave Fields (Radio Power FM ): 3/5
Liking ‘ouse Musiq from this package, good effort just not my style

Ethan Holben (Contakt): 5/10
All the mixes are great

Flamen (Giraphone Records): 3/5
I will try it! Thanks!

Gigoton: 3/5
Cool !

Guido Minisky: 3/5
C’est grandiose quand l’histoire se jette à ta gueule. Écouter DJ Pierre et KOT en 2012 ça n’a pas de prix. Merci

Jean-Marie K: 6/10
Great music, with great names. Full support. Thx

John Lord Fonda:
Bravo pour le EP, bien old school, DJ Pierre quoi !

LuLuxpo (Let’s Dance, Couleur3, Lausanne): 3/5
Sweet flashback!!!

Mario Spit (Consumed Records): 3/5
Nice! Thx

Mirco Violi (Be Chosen): 3/5
Kings Of Tomorrow versions are good for me

Nadine Kreuzahler (Radio Fritz Nightflight): 3/5
Oldschool house trip. Nice.

Repton (Login records): 3/5
Nice old school sounds :)

Rhythm Dr. (Mutant Disco, National Radio 2, estonia): 3/5
Middle section of Pierres mix is fierce! ‘ouse Musiq full on 92 US vibe! Thanks!

Richie Hawtin (Minus): 3/5
Download for R Hawtin

Robert Grand (Additan Radio & Recordings): 3/5
Nice! Thanks for the promo.

Someone Else (Foundsound Records): 3/5
Dub for me

Stephen Worthy (RA, Mixmag, Mojo): 3/5
Downloading for potential RA review

Tobsen Graale (Paper Jet Recordings, Fassade Rec.): 3/5
Cool EP

Tsugi Magazine: 3/5
Ace!!!! 3/5
Cool tracks! Thanks

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