Acid Ted : Impulsion – The Higher Trip EP


Impulsion – The Higher Trip EP” on Acid Ted, Friday 16 November 2012. Reblogged on Eat Yo Beats and Elbows Music Blog.


Blimey. This has got some pedigree. DJ Pierre and a duo with half of the Micronauts come together to produce an epic track for which the simple designation of House is inadequate.

Impulsion is Christophe Monier (The Micronauts) with DJ Pascal R. Their new track The Trip has an epic 15 min remix from DJ Pierre that takes in classic House, disco, wild pitch and acid. Quite a ride. That there are two remixes from Kings of Tomorrow feels almost redundant after that. But, for completeness, the remixers are of the Higher track. The Ghetto mix is soulful garage and the Sanjay Dub is a jazzier take.


Blurb: Impulsion is a side project of Christophe Monier (aka The Micronauts) in duet with DJ Pascal R, active during the 90s. United by their common love of house music, from the deepest to the more acid, the two producers have asked…

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