DO Believe The Hype : The Micronauts & Bosco x Hoochie Coochie #Music


The Micronauts & Bosco x Hoochie Coochie #Music” by Kate Lawson on fashion blog DO Believe The Hype, Monday 25 June 2012:

Take The Micronauts & Bosco, add Thomas Lemoine (aka Kim.ono) and Sébastien Desmedt (he directed ads for Kenzo and Lagerfeld) and you have a track which is a fusion of leftfield electro techno over an acid rock bassline, with a French accent over the top that keeps repeating the title, Hoochie Coochie. Not Gucci Gucci as I thought when I first heard it!

The video to accompany the song is a mix of Parisian cool – French hipsters in motion around daylight shots of edgy, modern architecture and night-time shots inside a club (La Machine du Moulin Rouge), wearing sunglasses.
Yes, shades indoors would normally be considered a fashion faux-pas, but this lot make it look acceptable (and hot).

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