The Micronauts & Bosco “Hoochie Coochie Remixed” out today on Micronautics


The Micronauts & Bosco “Hoochie Coochie Remixed” (Micronautics TIC08)

1 • Hoochie Coochie (D-R-U-N-K Remix) • 5:48 • 124.017 BPM
2 • Hoochie Coochie (Dew Town Mayor Remix) • 10:25 • 124.017 BPM
3 • Hoochie Coochie (Crash Override Remix) • 5:06 • 124.003 BPM
4 • Hoochie Coochie (Error 404 Remix) • 3:52 • 128 BPM

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#17 DMC Zzub Chart 01/06/2012
#19 DMC Zzub Chart 25/05/2012
#4 Acid Washed “Spring DJ Mix 2012”
#9 LELP “Music For Images – Popstars CD1”
#7 Technikart “Le Top 20 lecteur MP3 d’avril”
#7 OÜI FM “La Night #40”
#11 OÜI FM “La Night #41”
#5 SURL Magazine “Sons frais du lundi 4 juin”
#2 Beatport “Rituel Spring 2012 Chart”
#7 Beatport “Rituel Summer 2012 Chart”
#4 Beatport “PJ_salmon Asabu Disco Express 4012 /2012.04.01”
#2 Resident Advisor “Rituel June 2012 Top 10”
#7 Resident Advisor “Rituel July 2012 Top 10”


Support from Larry Tee, Luciano, Paco Osuna, Slam, Chef, DJ Unu, Acid Washed, Photonz, DJ Morpheus, Vadz, Ill Saint M, Undo, H4L 9000, Marc Ayats, Onurb, Louk, Emmanuel Hubaut, Eddie Hu, Guido Minisky (Chez Moune), DJ Paco (Open House), David Ducaruge (Los Massieras / Discos Capablanca), Ed2000 (BLN.FM), German MT (Como Las Grecas), Audio Claudio (DJ Mag Spain), Robert Grand (Additan Radio), Alexander Bien (, Björn Bender ( /, Danny-D (, Tsugi, Blackmail, Rituel, etc.

Acid Washed: 5/5 EFFICIENT!

DJ Morpheus: 5/5 I loved the original one already… Ace track! I like the D-R-U-N-K and Error 404 rmxs best! Will play out and on the radio…

Larry Tee: 4/5 Hot stuff!

Luciano: 4/5 Thanks for the music!

Paco Osuna: 4/5 Downloaded thank you :)

Slam (Orde Meikle): 3/5 Will try these out – thanx guys.

Aldrin (Lush FM Singapore): 7/10 Gritty!

Alexa (Paul Van Dyk A&R): 3/5 Thanks, downloading for Paul van Dyk.

Alexander Bien ( 4/5 Nice ones! Downloading for Thank you.

Angel Molina: Although a killer track, this is not for me, thanks anyway for sending.

Audio Claudio (DJ Mag Spain): 4/5 Dope!… Reviewd @ DJ MAG Spain – june issue. Gracias amigos!

Björn Bender ( / 3/5 Nice!!!

Chef: 3/5 We like D-R-U-N-K remix. Sounds fat, great peaktime tool.

Claude VonStroke: 3/5 DL For VonStroke.

Danny-D ( 3/5 Nice work.

David Ducaruge (Los Massieras / Discos Capablanca): 5/5 Nice! Thanks.

DJ Paco (Open House): 4/5 Fat remixes! D-R-U-N-K is my fav. Dope shit!

DJ Papi: 10/10 Underground, NuDisco flavour. Love this Hoochie Coochie!

DJ Unu: 3/5 Massive remix from Dew Town Mayor!

Ed2000 (Dangerous Drums / BLN.FM): 4/5 Cool mixes, cool release, support.

Eddie Hu: 3/5 Nice, Thanks.

Emmanuel Hubaut (Dead Sexy Inc. / Les Tétines Noires): 5/5 Just great!

Gary Cannavo (Masspool DJs Record Pool USA): 8/10 Now this is something I can enjoy!!

German MT (Como Las Grecas): 5/5 Bomb remixes!!!!! D-R-U-N-K is explosive remix, Dew Town Mayor is killer track for dancefloors, crazy remix from Crash Override, another killer track for the dancefloor from Error 404!!!!! Awesome remixes, Bomb EP.

Gregrrr Alan (KINGS MIX, Audiochic Live UK): 10/10 Really meaty track for the masses, excellent for me both the D-R-U-N-K and original mixes rrrrrrock, but lots of options.

Guido Minisky (Chez Moune): 3/5 Le Crash Override rmx est une belle petite tuerie.

H4L 9000: 4/5 Killer Tracks!!!!

Herbie James (Gay Internet Radio Live USA): 10/10 This is some Nastee electro beatdown… Perfect for the backroom… Can’t wait to hear it LOUD.

Ill Saint M: 4/5 Dig it!

Jawoo: Download for Jawoo.

Louk: 4/5 The first three are so abstract but I love them all! Seriously dark! Dew Town Mayor/Crash Override mix for me!

Marc Ayats: 3/5 Ultra fat le remix de D-R-U-N-K !!

Onurb: 5/5 Bon rythme, bien trouvé, super.

Photonz: 3/5 The Crash Override is cool. Thanks for sending!

Richie Hawtin: 3/5 Download for R. Hawtin.

Robert Grand (Additan Radio): 4/5 Great remixes! THX.

Rob Maynard (Passion FM Live London): 8/10 Not my normal style but this one works… Dirty groovy and very sassy…

Todd Burns (Resident Advisor): Thanks.

Tsugi: 3/5 Gooood mixes.

Undo: 4/5 D-R-U-N-K remix is great. Will try it out! Thx.

Vadz : 5/5 Like the Dew Town Mayor Remix best! Gonna play it in peaktime!

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