Rituel “Un” out today on Micronautics


Rituel “Un” (Micronautics TIC07)

1 • Single Minds • 9:10 • 120.999 BPM
2 • Take It Easy • 8:45 • 118.889 BPM

Press releaseCommuniqué de presse

Available on 7digitalAmazon.comAmazon.co.ukAmazon.deAmazon.frBeatportBoomkatDeezerDJDownloadeMusiciTunesJunoMusicMeQobuzSoundCloudSpotifyStarzik.comStarzik.co.ukTrackItDownWasabeatWhatPeoplePlayYouTubeZero”


#29 DMC Zzub Chart 18/05/2012
#13 Juno “Shadow Dancer (Boysnoize Records) Cuts In May 2012”
#5 Beatport “Hed Ubble June Chart”
#9 Beatport “Eddy Romero Expmental Anniversary Chart”
#9 Resident Advisor “Eddy Romero May 2012 Top 10”
#23 The Fresh Beat Fresh Promo 14/05/2012
#1 Cahul Mafia “Rituel – Single Minds (Original Mix)+9”
#3 OÜI FM “La Night #35”
#6 SURL Magazine “Sons frais du mardi 24 avril”
#5 Neitee & Yeutta “Summer Is Coming
#1 Endeeder “Mix Ignorante #3”
#3 GMT “GMTCLG-Dark_120805”
#4 DJ Vela “Frogs In Hot Water – Lounge Mix”
#11 DJ Vela “Frogs In Hot Water – Lounge Mix”
#14 BLN FM “Matruschkas Teatime #28 25/05/2012”


Support from Luciano, Slam, Jennifer Cardini, Paco Osuna, Acid Washed, In Flagranti, diskJokke, Populette, ATTAR!, Dan Kahuna, Patrick Pulsinger, Villanova, Darlyn Vlys, Donovans, Shadow Dancer, Dr. Motte, D-R-U-N-K, Photonz, Don Rimini, DJ Morpheus, Alvin C, Dactylo, Ed2000 (BLN.FM), Todd Burns (Resident Advisor), Jalapeno Records, Jonty Skruff, Ill Saint M, Oliver Schories, Joy Kitikonti, Kristina Lalic, Alec Troniq, Al Mackenzie, Vadz, Timofey, Raketa 4000, Ben Vedren, Douze, Undo, Hystereo, Marc Ayats, Compact Grey, JL Salvatella, Mozaic, Boenig & Ochs, Nico De Ceglia, DJ Pruess, Kiko Martinez, Suade, King Cannibal, Louk, Nick V, Rulers Of The Deep, Master Seb, Collectif Arkh, Onurb, Roussia, Llorca, Jah Acid Dub, Nudisco, OneSquareMeter (Die Nacht / Spotted), Harpo (Pack Up And Dance), Benjamin Vial (Death Proof Recordings), Lee Dagger (Bimbo Jones), DJ Paco (Open House), David Ducaruge (Los Massieras / Discos Capablanca), John Maragondakis (The Freakshow), Eddy Romero (Sysknob), Homebase (Beatwax), David Blot (Radio Nova), Tsugi, Audio Claudio (DJ Mag Spain), Mario Cotto (KCRW), Stephan Lange (Yespromote), Alexander Bien (electrosound.tv), Raveline Magazine (Martin), Bart van Rijn (Stug / xt3radio), Robert Grand (Additan Radio), Danny-D (housetime.fm), Illboy Phil, Thierry Théolier (Syndicat Du Hype), German MT (Como Las Grecas), Bosco, Blackmail, Loony Wise Men, Dew Town Mayor, The Micronauts, etc.

Acid Washed: 5/5 VERY NICE THANKS!

Claude VonStroke: 3/5 DL For VonStroke.

Dan Kahuna: I really like this. Especially the ‘single minded people’ track.

David Ducaruge (Los Massieras / Discos Capablanca): 5/5 This is very good! Thank U so much and take it easy!

diskJokke: 4/5 Boomb!!

Audio Claudio (DJ Mag Spain): 5/5 Old school flavour for the new generations… 2 good tracks that keep the real spirit of House… That’s not very usual nowadays, thanx for it :) Reviewd @ our may issue. Gracias por vuestra musica amigos!

François Marché (Blackmail / Bosco / Prototypes): 5/5 Il y a des passages vraiment cools, notamment le love climax à 5’00 de “take it easy”. Super boulot les gars! Je kiffe à mort Single Minds ;)

Hystereo: 5/5 Great stuff guys!

In Flagranti: 4/5 Take It Easy is nice.

Jennifer Cardini: 5/5 YES !

Joy Kitikonti: 5/5 Great

Luciano: 4/5 Thanks a lot for the music! L.

Max Pask (Populette): 4/5 Really like both tracks. Thanks!!!

Paco Osuna: 4/5 Downloaded thank you :)

Patrick Pulsinger: 4/5 Great tunes! Baleric feeling on take it easy!!

Richie Hawtin: 3/5 Download for R. Hawtin.

Rulers Of The Deep: 5/5 Take It Easy for me thanks!

Shadow Dancer: 4/5 Big love for ‘Take It Easy’! Brassy, anthemic, melodic, joyous and superb. On repeat.

Slam (Orde Meikle): 4/5 Sounding nice – will try out thanx.

Vadz: 5/5 Like both tracks! Very oldschool and classic! Gonna play!

Alec Troniq: 4/5 Interesting!

Alexander Bien (electrosound.tv): 4/5 Good work! Downloading for electrosound.tv Thank you

Al Mackenzie (D:Ream: 4/5 Take It easy-sounds like an old Aloof track from the 90’s. On A Mission? Love it

Alvin C: 4/5 ‘Take It Easy’ is really good. Quite a mid 90’s sound, which is a good thing.

ATTAR! (Cosy Mozzy): 3/5 Single Minds is cool!

Bart van Rijn (Stug / xt3radio): 3/5 Thanx for download! Grtzzz

Benjamin Vial (Death Proof Recordings): 4/5 Splendid hypnotizing lo-fi club music. Single Minds is my fav.

Ben Vedren: Really like the disco feel of the EP. Nice production too. My favorite is “Single mind” really nice. Thx!

Boenig & Ochs: 4/5 Nice EP.

Collectif Arkh: On a écouté, on a apprecié et on va les jouer !

Compact Grey: 3/5 Great groove! support!… Thank you.

Dactylo (Furie): 4/5 Thx

Danny-D (housetime.fm): 3/5 Nice work.

Darlyn Vlys: Très bien votre EP !

David Blot (Radio Nova): 4/5 Nice. Both tracks.

DJ Morpheus: 4/5 I like both tracks, excellent stuff! will play on my radio show and out…

DJ Paco (Open House): 4/5 Superb EP, great production, “Take It Easy” is my favorite track. I’ll hammer it :) Thanks. J’aime beaucoup les morceaux, particulièrement “Take it easy”, qui est super fat.

DJ Pruess: 3/5 Nice work.

Donovans: 4/5 Single Minds is groovy as hell! Great EP!

Don Rimini: 4/5 Single minds est tres cool : )

Douze: 4/5 Thank you! Nice release here! Both tracks are really great!

Dr. Motte: 3/5 Nice club house release.

D-R-U-N-K: Rituel – Take It Easy: the title says it all, cool summery tune for the Ibizan E groovers, positive party vibe, nice!

Ed2000 (Dangerous Drums / BLN.FM): 4/5 Absolutely fantastic release!! Will be playing both these trax heavily in my own sets! Looking forward to many more rituals!!

Eddy Romero aka Sysknob: 4/5 Single Minds Sounds amazing love it!

German MT (Como Las Grecas): 4/5 Sound really good!!!!! Single Minds is a killer track!! Take It Easy is more relax, more deep, awesome track!!!!

Harpo (Pack Up And Dance): 4/5 Good EP.

Homebase (Beatwax): 4/5 Take It Easy is great!

Illboy Phil (Treibjagd): 3/5 Thanks! Download for treibjagd.eu.

Ill Saint M: 4/5 Great EP! Thx!

Jalapeno Records: 4/5 Single Minds is my fav here. Thanks.

Jawoo: Thanks, download for Jawoo.

JL Salvatella: 4/5 Nice both! Good use of filters on “Single Minds”. Remembering Jack with “Take it Easy”.

John Maragondakis (The Freakshow): Les tracks sont supers funky. Il y a un beau travail au niveau de la rythmique. J’aime particulièrement la bass et l’ambiance de Single Minds.

Jonty Skruff: 4/5 C’est bien: great to have you back!;) Bien sûr!

Kiko Martinez: 4/5 Downloaded thanks!!

King Cannibal (Ninja Tunes): 4/5 Nice one, digging Take It Easy.

Kristina Lalic: It sounds good, both tracks are good, Take It Easy has a good vocal, thanx for this one.

Lee Dagger (Bimbo Jones): It sounds great mate – I prefer Single Minds

Llorca (Art Of Tones): 5/5 Excellent EP!

Louk: 4/5 This is fucking! Really not quite what I’d ever play out but that’s definitely going on the stereo in the office. Love the french vibe to it and just the warm yet dark chords on Single Minds!!! Bassline on Take It Easy is phat too.

Marc Ayats: 3/5 Single Minds = ultra groovy!!!

Mario Cotto (KCRW): 4/5 Another lovely Micronautics release. The vibes on both sides of this versatile single make it a solid and useful weapon.

Master Seb: C’est frais, c’est bien produit, merci !

Matzig (Jah Acid Dub): 5/5 Wow very hypnotic dancefloor groove. Let’s dance.

Mozaic: 3/5 Really dig ‘Take It Easy’… Big, deep summer vibes.

Nick V: 4/5 Full support to you guys loving the house revival!

Nico De Ceglia: 3/5 Good

Nudisco: 3/5 Try.

Oliver Schories: 4/5 Excellent and expensive produced house tune. Thank you.

Onurb: 4/5 Nice tune for the upcoming summer!!!

Paul Van Dyk: Downloading for PvD, thank you.

Photonz: 4/5 Great release! Take It Easy is the favourite but Single Minds is a fine dancefloor track aswell. Thanks for sending!

Raketa 4000: 4/5 I like Take It Easy!

Raveline Magazine (Martin): 3/5 Like

Robert Grand (Additan Radio): 3/5 Nice! THX.

Rocky (X-Press 2): 3/5 Is that an Aloof sample in Take It Easy?

Roussia: 3/5 Take It Easy thxs

Stéphane Bodin (Blackmail / Bosco / Prototypes): 4/5 Hands in the air!!!

Suade: 4/5 Single Minds – Nice warm energetic summertime sounding house. Proper A-side stuff.

Thierry Théolier (Syndicat Du Hype): 4/5 Écoute en boucle le track “nu house”. “Take it easy” is approved by SDH, nice track for dance between 5 a.m and 7 a.m with a lot of water and pills.

Timofey: 4/5 Nice one Take It Easy!

Todd Burns (Resident Advisor): 3/5 Thanks!

Tsugi Magazine: 3/5 Single Minds is cool.

Undo: 3/5 Nice music, more into take it easy… Summer is coming!

Villanova: Yeah! Love harmonies on Single Minds! Will play for sure!

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