Upside Sounds : Rituel – Un EP


Rituel – Un EP” by Kash for Upside Sounds, 5 May 2012:

When we received a submission today with both “Deep House” and “Nu-Disco” in the subject line, my ears immediately pricked up. What lay inside the email was a stream of the new French duo Rituel’s upcoming Un EP, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. A good friend of mine who rarely listened to electronic music recently went to Berlin and was completely blown away by the deep house scene there, and his new-found interest has revitalized my own interest in the genre. I’ve always been taken with the mesmerizing force of a good deep house groove, and on my first listen to “Single Minds” I pleasantly found myself in a state of suspended time, with only the bassline keeping my moving. “Take It Easy” is on the Frenchier side of the house spectrum, throwing in some Balearic percussion to give it some additional dance floor life. Obviously these aren’t “bangers”, but for those out there who are looking for some music that will take you on a bit of a journey, slowly transmogrifying your emotional state as each song develops, this EP is where you should be looking. And make sure to give both full listens, as the subtle changes are really what make each track great. Look out for the full release on the 14th May on Micronautics’ own label.

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