Rituel – Single Minds Music Video


(Français ci-dessous)

Deep house/nu disco single Rituel “Un”, the first of my association with Thomas Regnault, will be released 14 May 2012 in digital on Micronautics. It features two tracks, “Single Minds” and “Take It Easy”.

A short musical film in the form of a mockumentary has been directed by the jazzy Elmyr Donovans specially for “Single Minds”:

Starring Joyce, Marie, Noémi, Dabeull, Dinamics and Dew Town Mayor. Editing by Aja Lux. Thank you to Dimitri and Family Parraud for their farmhouse, L’Aunay in Nocé.

A few words from the director:

Lost in the French hinterlands, I’m quite sure now we didn’t find this place by accident.
Everything has been made in order to do what we’re doing here.
The Mighty Taurus, may his name be written in our souls forever, told me what to do all the way.
4:30 is all about him watching us, manipulating us.
7:45 is all about gods being exhausted from human behaviour.
Those helmets are just a way for them to hide their true nature from us.
They’re amongst us since the dawn of mankind.
And that night they left their thrones to dance with us.
Elmyr Donovans, Paris, 14 April 2012


Le maxi deep house/nu disco Rituel « Un », le 1er de mon association avec Thomas Regnault, sort le 14 mai 2012 en digital sur Micronautics. Il comporte deux morceaux, « Single Minds » et « Take It Easy ».

Un petit film musical sous forme de documenteur-vérité a été réalisé spécialement pour « Single Minds » par le flamboyant Elmyr Donovans.

Avec la participation exceptionnelle de Joyce, Marie, Noémie, Dabeull, Dinamics et Dew Town Mayor. Montage par Aja Lux. Merci à Dimitri et à la famille Parraud pour leur maison, L’Aunay à Nocé.


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