Acid Washed Spring DJ Mix 2012


The Micronauts & Bosco “Hoochie Coochie (Bosco Kick It Version)” used by Acid Washed in their “Spring DJ Mix 2012”:

The mix has been posted on the blogs Golden Scissors (by Bruno Romeu, 26/03/2012), Como Las Grecas (by German MT, 27/03/2012), Killahbeez (by Van, 27/03/2012), La.Ga.Sta. (27/03/2012) and 90th Street (by Aurélien Carette, 29/03/2012).

1- Black S. “Planet Caravan” Two Mamarrachos Edit
2- Lala By “Pendulum” Massimiliano Pagliara Sexiest Remix
3- Golden Bug “U Are Magic”
4- The Micronauts & Bosco “Hoochie Coochie” Bosco Kick It Version
5- Daniel Avery “Input Machine”
6- Neil Landstrumm “Night Train”
7- Maelstrom “USSR”
8- The Hacker “Bass”
9- The Barking Dogs “Mamarracho” Kim Ann Foxman Remix
10- Urulu “Across The Sky”
11- Mercury Feat Robert Owens “Candlelight”

(post updated 20/04/2012)


2 Responses to “Acid Washed Spring DJ Mix 2012”

  1. German MT Says:

    Thanks!!!!, Great track……
    Great mix


  2. Bruno Romeu Says:

    Thanks for sharing!

    It means a lot for us.




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