Promo News: The Micronauts and Bosco ‘Hoochie Coochie’ by Sébastien Desmedt & Thomas Lemoine


On Promo News, Monday 19 March 2012:

An awesome video for The Micronauts & Bosco’s Hoochie Coochie by Sébastien Desmedt & Thomas Lemoine—a glorious concoction of great shooting of cool young people dancing in cool places—a very dark club juxtaposed with sunlight and modern architecture—brilliant editing and an absolute banger of a tune.

The club scenes were shot at real parties: at La Machine du Moulin Rouge (Citizen: 10 Years Of Experimentations/Tsugi Federation festival, 15/10/2011) and at the bar Pin Up (Yuk-Fü Split Serie #3 Release Party, 14/05/2011). Sébastien’s other work includes fashion films and ads for Kenzo and Karl Lagerfeld, and vids for Empyr and Lira Gandj—the latter also co-directed with Thomas Lemoine (aka Kim.ono), who’s also one of the guiding lights of Yuk-Fü Records…

The Micronauts & Bosco
Hoochie Coochie
Directors: Sébastien Desmedt & Thomas Lemoine
DoPs: Sébastien Desmedt (indoor), Grégoire Tomat (outdoor)
Editing: Sébastien Desmedt
Starring: Betty Saint-Jalmes & Simon Buicanges

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