Rituel XVI @ Yono (Paris)


Samedi 7 janvier 2012

21h00-01h45 Dew Town Mayor & The Micronauts (DJ sets)

Voici l’event Facebook.

Ma playlist :
INTRUDER Featuring JEI “Amame (Long Ass Mix)” (Nervous 2011)
LOVEBIRDS Feat. STEE DOWNES “Want You In My Soul” (Winding Road 2011)
KRAAK & SMAAK Feat. ROMANTHONY “Let’s Go Back (Kraak & Smaak Club Mix)” (Jalapeno 2011)
MY FAVORITE ROBOT “Forest Fires” (Visionquest 2011)
YOUANDEWAN “1988” (Lo:Rise 2011)
MANO LE TOUGH “In My Arms” (Internasjonal 2011)
MATHEW JONSON “Dayz” (Crosstown Rebels 2011)
BHOO & YNM Aka CIPOLETTA “Cloud Seeding (Sasse Remix)” (Abstract Theory 2011)
DEMS “House (Evil Nine Remix)” (Bad Life 2011)
ELIPHINO “I Played” (Somethink Sounds 2011)
MERROC “Phonky” (Mighty Stuff 2011)
ZONUM “Parameter” (Balian 2011)
ROMAN FLÜGEL “Brasil” (Dial 2011)
A1 BASSLINE “Buoyancy” (Dirtybird 2011)
LARRY HEARD Presents: MR. WHITE “The Sun Can’t Compare (Long Version)” (Alleviated 2006)
KAHN “Like We Used To” (Punch Drunk 2011)
JAMIE XX “Far Nearer” (Numbers 2011)
REDINHO “Stay Together” (Numbers 2011)
2562 “Aquatic Family Affair (Extended Re-Cut)” (When In Doubt 2011)
LANDO KAL “Further” (Hotflush 2011)
PHAELEH Feat. I-MITRI “Perilous” (Afterglo 2011)
MENSAH “Digital Dreamer” (Hench 2010)
GIRL UNIT “Wut” (Night Slugs 2010)
BENTON “Sinners” (Box Clever 2011)
LKID “Slow Down (Original Mix)” (Grenade Face 2011)
601 “Can’t Take It (Original Mix)” (APE Music 2011)



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