Bill Laswell – Ohm, The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music


Bill Laswell for the booklet of the compilation “Ohm, The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music, 1948-1980” (Ellipsis Arts… 2000):

[With the coming of electronic music,] it was encouraging to hear how expansiv and experimental you could be with sound. Any acoustic sound could be electronically processed indefinitely. That’s very interesting. Obviously, it had a huge effect on dance music and house music. Ambient music in the last ten years has infiltrated all those types of music.

I think electronic music is now part of our life system. It has been integrated into how we exist, so it’s the pulse of what we’re doing. Everything is electric; everything is electricity. Those pulses are no different from your pulse, your heartbeat, and how you breathe. It’s all connected. It’s an electronic age.

Electronic music can’t exist without human thought. So everything that is generated is a thought. It’s very human, it’s not cold like people think. Computers and electronic music are not the opposite of warm, human music. They are exactly the same. You’re not going to necessarily find the equivalent. of Charlie Parker on a laptop, because we can’t perceive that. But there’ll be a time when someone can, and then it’ll happen. it’s all in your head.

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