Society Of Silence – Signifying Monkey LP


(English below)

Sortie aujourd’hui en digital du premier album de Society Of Silence, « Signifying Monkey », sur le label canadien Savvy Records. Society Of Silence est le projet électronique de Benoît Legrain (alias BNY) et Nicolas Villebrun (alias Tite, par ailleurs guitariste de Poni Hoax).

Agoria et Mark E soutiennent d’ores et déjà le disque, ce dernier acceptant du coup de remixer un des morceaux.

Track listing :
1 – Signifying Monkey
2 – Beat Reading Detroit
3 – B Workin’
4 – Woundscape
5 – Tattoo

J’ai fait le mixage de « Signifying Monkey », le morceau, ainsi que le mastering de l’ensemble de l’album.

“Signifying Monkey”, the 1st album by Society Of Silence, is out today on Savvy Records.

I did the mixing of “Signifying Monkey”, the track, and the mastering of the whole album.

Here is the press release:
“Savvy Records is proud to present their very first full-length album!

Society Of Silence combines the forces of two great Parisian artists and friends, Benoît Legrain or BNY, and Nicolas Villebrun―known as Tite and for his production assistance with the electronic pop-rock group, Poni Hoax.

‘Signifying Monkey’ plays around with it’s words just as much as it’s structure, while ‘Beat Reading Detroit’ takes us through a nostalgic journey into the collective subconscious of techno. The confluence of dark and euphoric energies conveyed here by S.O.S. capture the dangerous and thrill-seeking memories going to old-school raves and after-hours parties. Deep and raw beginning to end.”


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