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Best Of Acid House


Sebastian Vaughan aka 69db from Spiral Tribe interviewed by Damien Raclot and Krystof Gillier for the documentary “23 Minute Warning” (in “World Traveller Adventures”, UWe 2004):

… And suddenly you’d find yourself in a room with 2000 people of all cultures, all races, all styles, you know, dancing to this new acid house beat, fresh from Chicago. It’s no longer pop music. It’s no longer the three minutes sale, you know. It’s actually a programmed voyage for the mind… This acid party sort of thing turned into like a new wave of psychedelic, and that is the thing which really blew my head off. Why was this new electronic music so different from the other electronic music that I heard before? The fact was that it was just a drum machine and a bassline, and the way the bassline moved was completely different to anything I heard before. It wasn’t moving in the sense of harmony and melody. It was going round on a loop. And that loop would change not in pitch, but in frequency. And that was something revolutionary, for me anyway. listen

Best Of Acid House