Best / Rough Trade (1981)


“Best / Rough Trade – Le Quartier réservé à la musique” cassette compilation (HS 88 – Rough Trade Records/C.P.F. Barclay 1981) (click to zoom):

A1 – Scritti Politti “Sweetest Girl”
A2 – Essential Logic “Fanfare In The Garden”
A3 – Orange Juice “Blue Boy”
A4 – The Gist “This Is Love”
A5 – The Fall “Fit And Working Again”
A6 – Virgin Prunes “Twenty Tens”

B1 – The Raincoats “Shouting Out Loud”
B2 – Blue Orchids “Work”
B3 – The Red Crayola “Milkmaid”
B4 – Mark Beer “Pretty”
B5 – Young Marble Giants “Final Day”
B6 – Robert Wyatt “Strange Fruit”
B7 – Television Personalities “Magnificent Dreamer”


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