Les Giboulées (Le Creusot)


Samedi 16 avril 2011 :

Grande scène :
20h00-21h00 Bonobo
21h30-22h30 Ebony Bones
23h00-00h30 Sexy Sushi
00h30-02h30 Agoria

Petite scène :
19h00-20h30 Donovans vs. Dinamics
20h45-22h00 Robots In Disguise
22h30-23h45 Stupeflip
00h15-01h45 The Micronauts vs. John Lord Fonda
01h45-03h30 Housemeister

Ma playlist :
DOPAMINE “Swerve” (Lot49 2011)
ODISSI “Dirty Secrets (Dyno Remix)” (Lot49 2011)
DUSTY KID “Lynchesque” (Boxer 2009)
EGBERT “Haasten” (Gem 2010)
SPEKTRE “Power Of Five” (1605 Music Therapy 2010)

PETER HORREVORTS “Bloody Hands” (Gem 2010)
RITUEL “Rituel” (2011)
JEROME SYDENHAM “Push To Enter” (Drumcode 2010)
MARK BROOM & JAMES RUSKIN “Erotic Misery” (Blueprint 2010)
BEN KLOCK “Red Alert” (Deeply Rooted House 2010)
TRAVERSABLE WORMHOLE “Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel Dettmann Remix)” (CLR 2010)
SECRET CINEMA “Reaktivate” (DMOM 2010)
MORGAN TOMAS “Synthetic” (Sleaze 2010)




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