The State Of Play Science


Michael Mendizza for the Touch The Future newsletter and webstore, 10 March 2011:

The National Institute For Play and Touch The Future are proud to present a ground breaking survey of the latest neuroscience documenting the fundamental need and benefits of positive affect states, that is, what every child knows as PLAY.

For the first time we have gathered the scientific, brain based evidence that parents, teachers and child care professionals have needed to counter the elimination of play from tens of thousands of schools across the country. […]

Stuart Brown, MD, host and founder of The National Institute For Play describes years of research correlating play deprivation in childhood with anti social and extreme forms of violence, even mass murder.

Pioneering researcher Jeff Burgdorf, PhD, describes how people with low positive affective (play) states, have a five to ten year shorter life span than do people with high positive experiences. That makes play deprivation a greater health risk that obesity or smoking.

World renown neuroscientist Jaak Paknsepp, PhD, shares his revolutionary approach to the study of emotions comparing it to that of quantum physics. Implied in his research are serious concerns over the mass drugging of our children, what he calls a national experiment that ignores animal research with lifelong consequences.

Play researcher Joe Frost, Professor Emeritus, explores the continuing disappearance of play beginning shortly after World War II and links this to the epidemic rise of obesity and other health risks.

Joan Abrahamson, JD, PhD, describes why The National Institute For Play considers regular play as essential as eating and sleeping, why play deprivation is as serious as sleep deprivation.

Scott Eberly, PhD summarizes the enormous and universal benefits of play states and how it impacts learning and performance lifelong.

Steve Sivi, PhD expands on Stuart’s and Jaak’s research by further developing the neurological an emotional reasons why play deprivation predisposes an individual to violence.

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A must see…

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