Club Coatelan (Morlaix)


Samedi 26 février 2011

23h00-00h00 DyE (Tigersushi – live)
00h00-01h00 Paris (Ekler’o’shock – live)
01h00-02h30 The Micronauts (Citizen Records – DJ set)
02h30-04h30 Swag Sonido (DJ set)

Ma playlist :
DUSTIN ZAHN “Stranger (To Stability) (Len Faki Podium Mix)” (REK’D 2009)
PETER HORREVORTS “Bloody Hands” (Gem 2010)
DYLAN RHYMES Vs TOM REAL “Godzilla (Original Mix)” (Lot49 2010)
QUINCE “Soba” (Green 2010)
AUDIO INJECTION “Normal World” (Droid 2010)
KAISERDISCO & FLAVIO DIAZ “Jaune” (Drumcode 2010)
MAETRIK “Paradigm House” (Treibstoff 2010)
MARASCIA “Watcha” (NM2 2010)
OMEGA MAN “Gus’ Pickles” (Lot49 2010)
PFIRTER “The Dub Track (Len Faki Remix)” (Figure 2010)
SECRET CINEMA “Reaktivate” (DMOM 2010)
JULIAN JEWEIL “Soho” (Cocoon 2010)
BEN LB “Olympics” (Definitive 2010)
RITUEL “Rituel” (2011)
TANZ/TANZ “Okay (Mathew Flint Rmx)” (Poor 2010)
EXERCISE ONE “Several Things At Once” (Wagon Repair 2010)
FUNCTION “Untitled” (Sandwell District 2010)
STEVE RACHMAD Presents IGNACIO “Virton Upgraded” (Music Man 2010)
BEN KLOCK “Red Alert” (Deeply Rooted House 2010)
BEN SIMS “Hypnosis” (Drumcode 2010)
DUSTY KID “Lynchesque” (Boxer 2009)
DUSTY KID “Kore” (Boxer 2007)



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