Technopol Party @ LaPlage (Paris)


18h00-19h00 Fabrice Bonniot
19h00-20h00 Slip Matt (Plaqué Or)
20h00-21h30 Zéro Zéro
21h30-22h30 The Micronauts
22h30-23h30 Thomas (Loony Wise Men)
23h30-00h30 Tommy

My playlist:
PRECIOUS SYSTEM “The Voice From Planet Love (Dixon’s Chic-A-Go Edit)” (Running Back 2009)
THEODOR ZOX “Fading (Vincenzo’s Phantom Image Remix)” (Ransom Note 2009)
LUDWIG COENEN “Reservat” (Highgrade 2010)
DALE & DANIEL DREIER “Mutanga” (Highgrade 2010)
SKWERL “Liron” (International Deejay Gigolo 2009)
EXERCISE ONE “Several Things At Once” (Wagon Repair 2010)
PETER HORREVORTS “Bloody Hands” (Gem 2010)
OMEGA MAN “Gus’ Pickles” (Lot49 2010)
MAETRIK “Paradigm House” (Treibstoff 2010)
MARASCIA “I Piss You” (International Deejay Gigolo 2010)
MARASCIA “Watcha” (NM2 2010)
GABRIEL ANANDA “Doppelwhipper (Live)” (Platzhirsch 2006)
MAKOSSA & MEGABLAST Featuring CLEYDYS VILLALONK “Soy como soy” (International Deejay Gigolo 2010)
ROLAND M. DILL “Low Go (Darko Esser “No Go” Rmx)” (Trapez 2010)



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