Panic Party Nº 1 @ Panic Room (Paris)


My playlist:
NOMENKLATÜR “Whispers in the Street (Labinsect Remix)” (Space Factory 2010)
SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO “Cruel Intentions (DJ Pierre Remix)” (Wichita 2009)
BEN KLOCK “Subzero” (Ostgut Tonträger 2009)
DALE & DANIEL DREIER “Mutanga” (Highgrade 2010)
ARGY “Love Dose (Luciano Remix) (Poker Flat 2005)
PETER HORREVORTS “Bloody Hands” (Gem 2010)
MARASCIA “I Piss You” (International Deejay Gigolo 2010)
MARASCIA “Watcha” (NM2 2010)
OMEGA MAN “Gus’ Pickles” (Lot49 2010)
JUSTIN MARTIN & CLAUDE VONSTROKE “Beat That Bird” (Dirtybird 2009)
MINILOGUE “Animals (Luciano Remix)” (Cocoon 2009)
MAKOSSA & MEGABLAST Featuring CLEYDYS VILLALONK “Soy como soy” (International Deejay Gigolo 2010)
ROLAND M. DILL “Low Go (Darko Esser “No Go” Rmx)” (Trapez 2010)
CLAUDE VONSTROKE “Vocal Chords” (Dirtybird 2009)
TONY LIONNI “Found A Place” (Ostgut Tonträger 2009)
STIMMING “Melodica” (Green 2009)
PROMPT “Evolve (Original Mix)” (7noise 2008)
ONI AYHUN “OAR003-B” (Oni Ayhun 2009)
INLAND KNIGHTS Featuring J.A.M.O.M. “Bite Back” (Drop 2010)
JOHN TEJADA “The End Of It All” (Palette 2006)
JOHN TEJADA “Calculated Time” (Palette 2006)




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