Insightful piece by Peter Kirn about multi-touch pioneer and Lemur maker JazzMutant, now Stantum Technologies (no, Apple didn’t invent multi-touch…), with an interview of its co-founder and CEO, Guillaume Largillier:

“The Future of Multi-Touch: Behind the Scenes with Stantum, JazzMutant Co-Founder”

I especially enjoyed this exchange:

“In an industry that has sometimes been aggressively traditional, is there a way to channel ideas from something as far out as science fiction?
Before answering your question, allow me to challenge your statement about the computer music industry. I think “ill nostalgic” would describe this industry much better than “aggressively traditional.” Most music software companies have kept being innovative over the last decade, but their creativity has been a slave to this nostalgic obsession. Emulating an analog channel strip, a tube amplifier, or a vintage synth is far from a trivial job. It actually requires as much engineering time and resources as developing a disruptive product.”

And it’s pleasing to know that Iannis XenakisUPIC project has been the guy main source of inspiration!

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